Leicester Comedy Festival- ‘Memoirs of A Dater’

Tea Break was offered the chance to have a sneak preview into one of the up and coming acts in this years Leicester comedy festival. 3 of our lucky members were invited down… Continue reading

Kesha – Rainbow Tour 2017

Written in November, 2017: This week I was blessed to be in the presence of the one and only miss Kesha Rose. This was her first album released after certain troubles in her… Continue reading

Star Trek (2009) Review

**SPOILERS AHEAD** There has been many variations of Star Trek over the years including the TV series and the movies. However, it was the 2009, J. J. Abrams version that caught my eye.… Continue reading

Is it too soon to be Christmassy?

So, as I’m sure you’re all aware it is November. That means we still have two months till Christmas, most people frown upon getting excited about Christmas before December but why should our… Continue reading

Halloween Recipes!

Are you hosting a party or wanting to get in the spooky spirit all by yourself? Well here’s a few recipes to help you get your freak on! Recipe 1: Ingredients: 25 g… Continue reading

SFX Make up Tutorial: Exposed Bone

As apart of halloweek we’ve decided to post yet again another quick and easy make up look. These tutorials are for people who are on a low budget like me (Broke student right… Continue reading


BOO! After our latest meeting this week we thought on day 5 of halloweek we could share with you some more Halloween idea’s. One of our members has gone onto the oh so… Continue reading

Tea Break’s Secret Talent… Pumpkin Carving!

Last night we held our normal weekly meetings but this week we had a twist. With the spookiest night of the year fast approaching we thought we’d better get into the sprit. A… Continue reading

Halloween Playlist Idea’s

Top Halloween tracks Halloween is fast approaching and whether you like it or not you will definitely have one of these tunes stuck in your head. This list will highlight what songs Tea… Continue reading

Zombie Bite: SFX Make Up

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Around Halloween everyone’s looking for quick and easy make up looks. So, one of our Tea Break members who practices Special effects make up has demonstrated how to do a… Continue reading

Let’s read into: ‘Look what you made me do’- Taylor Swift

Taylor swift’s: ‘Look what you made me do’ Music video. So, the time has come people. Taylor Swift has returned back to us and boy, she is coming back kicking. The video opens… Continue reading

What will you forget to bring to university?

So, remembering to bring the essentials is hard enough but there are a few hidden items you might forget to pack. Going to university is and can be a very nail biting experience… Continue reading

Kelly’s Top 10 Queens From RuPaul’s Drag Race

Rupaul has been seen as an idol of the LGBTQ+ community ever since the 80’s. Yet who knew that since 2009 Drag Race would end up winning  an Emmy for outstanding TV reality… Continue reading

Wicked Theatre Review

Admittedly I had reservations about this when I first heard of it actually being a thing; ‘The Story of The Wizard of Oz but from the point the point of view from the… Continue reading

To The View That Reminds Me of You By Kathryn Adderley

To The View That Reminds Me of You This view is breath taking. It’s the kind of view that doesn’t sleep at night It’s the view that you see in your dreams When… Continue reading

Why YOU Should Join Tea Break.

It’s the start of term 2 which means refreshers is on track! We’re looking, as always, for some fabulous writers to join our family. To tempt you, why not checkout our top 5… Continue reading

Why YOU Should Go To DisneyLand Paris In 2017.

Trying to pitch Disneyland to somebody who dislikes anything other than Pixar is a hard sell, but one I had to do to my boyfriend. Like many people, he thought you stopped enjoying… Continue reading

Treat Yo Self: November Edition.

Following up from our previous issue of Treat Yo Self, of which you can read here, we’ve come back to do one for November. Once again, we can only spend a fiver so… Continue reading

Why I Won’t Be Tuning In for American Horror Story Season 7 *SPOILER WARNING*

American Horror Story (AHS) season 6 has just reached its end, and like every season that came before it, it was completely different. The beauty of AHS is that it can reinvent itself… Continue reading

Nocturnal Animals (2016): Film Review

Directed by: Tom Ford Starring: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon Viewed: Phoenix Cinema, Leicester, 15/11/16 An owner of an art gallery’s life isn’t in the greatest place as her husband is cheating… Continue reading

The UK Festival of Zombie Culture 10th Anniversary Review

Saturday the 12th November 2016 saw the Phoenix Cinema, Leicester, host the 10th anniversary of the UK Festival of Zombie Culture. Five feature length zombie films, a selection of zombie short films, zombie… Continue reading

The Accountant (2016): Film Review

Directed by: Gavin O’Connor Starring: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal Viewed: Showcase Cinema De Lux, Leicester, 09/11/16 An autistic, genius, mathematician with a set of combat skills that Liam Neeson… Continue reading

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