To start this post I would like to wish you all massive congratulations for passing your exams and securing your place at De Montfort University. You are now about to embark on the path to life as a fresher and I thought, based on my experience from my first year of university, I would try and help you feel a little less alone and a little more informed about what you can expect from your first few weeks as a fresher.

As you should know by now, Freshers Week here at DMU takes place from Friday September 19th until Friday October 3rd. It is a time that is jam packed with events to immerse you into the social and academic world of life at univeristy. Freshfest 2014 will host a range of events for you to enjoy, such as the Early to Uni Party (September 19th), the Freshers Ball (September 21st) and the Bonkerz Bar Crawl (September 25th). These nights of relentless drinking will throw you in at the deep end of the party life you will have accepted by joining the student world! You will meet your future classmates and friends, give your liver a little more of a beating than it’s used to, and most importantly begin to create memories here at DMU.

One thing you should learn now is that Freshers Week near enough always ends in a severe case of freshers flu, which tied together with your first few weeks of lectures, seminars and workshops can often feel like death warmed up! All those cheeky kisses and being packed in small spaces with hundreds of other drunken freshers is a tag team heaven for the hell of freshers flu, but I found that lecturers, and especially your fellow freshers, near enough always sympathise with your symptoms!

If drinking isn’t a big thing in your life, there are other events on offer during Freshers Week so that nobody feels excluded. There will be things such as the Comedy Night on September 23rd, Movie Night on September 25th and a day out to Alton Towers on September 28th amongst other events on offer to entertain both those who don’t have an interest in the party lifestyle as well as those who may just want to rest their unforgiving hangovers.

Last year I attended the Sports and Societies Fair, which this year takes place on September 25th, and I found it was a really great event to pop down to. The atmosphere was really positive, with second and third year students giving out leaflets and information about the societies they either ran or were a part of and I was amazed by the variety of societies at DMU. There are societies from a range of categories such as Religion and Belief based societies ( Hindu, Al-Buraq, Inter Faith Association, Islamic, Christian Union, Ahlulbayt Islamic) the Rock and Metal Society, the DMU Beerpong and Cocktail Societies, as well as Academic, Cultural, Performance and Charity Societies, there really is something for everyone and if you have the chance then I highly recommend giving the fair a visit.

On the day there will also be stalls for the sports societies at DMU which range from lacrosse and American Football to Rowing, Equestrian and Ultimate Frisbee! So if you feel like representing DMU over the course of your studies it’s something to really consider looking into! Societies are also the best way to meet new people, gain skills and indulge in your hobby, which you can enjoy outside of your studies. For example, I chose to sign up for Tea Break, formally known as HerDMU, because I wanted to write and blog a range of things, such as music, fashion and film, and the society is a great way to gain experience in the field of journalism, which is something I’ve been considering going into after university.

If you, like me, are somewhat anxious about settling and meeting new people and making friends joining a society, even if it’s just one, is a great way to gain a little bit of confidence and make some friends, be them freshers, second or third years. Societies run weekly socials where you meet and either just socialise over drinks or discuss your society, or a combination of the two.

Most importantly I cannot stress enough how you are not alone as a fresher. University is hard work and also fun, but it’s also daunting to leave your family, friends and the life you’re used to, for a more independent world. You’re going to hear it a million and one times I know, but everyone is in the same boat, everyone is as nervous as each other, even if they exude the confidence that they aren’t scared, the most important thing is to just be yourself! Don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself or saying something wrong because you all know as much as the other students sitting and living around you. Just have fun, be you and enjoy settling into university. You will cry, you will throw up, you will get drunk, you will regret eating cold spaghetti, you will miss a lecture, but most importantly you will be fine and you will create some lifelong friends and memories.

Welcome to life as a DMU Fresher!

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Aimee Costa


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