One problem I had moving into Uni, was the fact that I brought way too much stuff and trying to find somewhere to stuff it all was a nightmare! So here are some pointers I learnt this year and will live by when I move in September!


  • Saucepans: You probably don’t need a full set. Two saucepans and a few baking trays will probably sort you out in the long run!
  • Plastic Glasses: When you’re having a party in you flat and all you have are glasses, it’s probably going to end up with broken glass everywhere – drinking, glasses and small sides are not a good mix! Plastic glasses are a much more student-friendly Or better yet if you’re going to have a party, pick up some disposable cups from the pound shop!
  • Mugs: Do not do what I did and buy 20 random mugs just because they look pretty. Because then, trust me, you have about 15 mugs that wont be used and just take up valuable space.


  • Clothes/shoes: The short story is you do not need everything in your wardrobe. You do not need to take shorts that you will not wear in December or shoes you will not wear because they give you blisters. The only thing I would say is remember to take a formal outfit, because chances are you’ll have at least one event where you need a nice dress or suit to wear!
  • Cleaning Products: You’re living on your own now, which means you need to do your own cleaning! I advise you take your own cleaning stuff with you, its easier to have it with you when you arrive, or do like I did and ask your ‘rents to write a list of what you’ll need and then grab it during your first big shop!
  • Hangers: It sounds stupid but trust me, I ended up taking my whole wardrobe and about 5 hangers! Luckily I managed to go to Primark and pick up 20 for a fiver! But the point is, remember the little things: hangers, pens, notebooks, a bed sheet (I forgot mine and had to run into Morrisons like a mad woman to find one before they shut!)
  • Not everything you own: I thought it would be a good idea to bring half of my bookcase, just incase the occasion arose where I was bored and would need a selection of about 100 books to choose from! That occasion, believe it or not, never arose. (Funny that…) And to make matters worse, I developed an obsession for buying at least two new books every week, which means that by the time I came home my book collection had tripled and my mum had to buy me a new bookcase!

My best advice is to make a list while walking around your room and think about what you are really going to need, your favourite books and photos, instead of every one you own! If you’re lucky enough to be dropped of by your parents, and you bring too much stuff, don’t try to cram it all in to your room, just pack the car back up with stuff you don’t need so they can take it back with them! Have fun packing because it should be exciting!

Taylor-Louise Rowley


(Image by cord-global)