It’s a craze that seems impossible to avoid, no matter where you look, Instagram or a local newsagent, it’s clear that loom bands have got everyone going bLOOMing nuts!

Personally, I haven’t seen a trend with such a global spark since Scoobies were a thing in the year seven days. While Scoobies were mainly key chains and friendship bracelets, loom bands are a next level of cool. What started out as a simple method of crafting bracelets has exploded across social media, with everyday people seemingly competing to create the next great thing. In my search for ideas I’ve seen everything from superheroes and mermaids, to animals, cupcakes and decorations. ‘But it’s just a silly thing for little girls’ you may think to yourself. Well, one woman, Helen Smith, made the sale of a lifetime after her loom band dress sold for £170,000 on eBay. THAT’S RIGHT £170,000! So if you’re looking for a unique way to pay off your student debt, maybe some ‘silly’ loom bands might be the thing for you to invest in!

Having just got into the craze myself I thought I would share some of my creations here, which are basic and incredibly easy for you to try yourself-

Loom Band Choker-aimee-loom-1.3

All you’ll need is around 30 bands (in any colour, I opted for black because I thought it went the best with the charm), a plastic hook which usually comes with the loom bands, and a charm, which is sold separately, mine was in a bag of 5 Halloween charms for £1 from The Range, located on Abbey Lane.

Loom Band Bracelet-

This is just a basic, hand crafted, loom bracelet, aimee-loom-2.2with a smiley face charm, which came in a pack of 10 for £1, again, from The Range. One of the things I love about the loom band craze is the way it seems somewhat 90’s nostalgic, and I felt this smiley face charm added to that vibe.

You can also use the loom band bracelet as a hair accessory like Miley Cyrus has been doing, and if you follow her on Instagram you’ll be aware of how the trend has taken over her account!
We Can’t Stop making loom bands.

Let us know what you think of loom bands, what have you been making with them? How easy do you find the process? Keep up with TeaBreak as we share loom band designs and instructions before the next trend sweeps in!

Aimee Costa