So, I decided to live with my boyfriend in third year…in a studio flat. Possibly not the greatest idea there ever was. However, we managed to make it through amazingly and we know each other better than ever before! But naturally, that’s going to happen when the other gets ill and is throwing up in the bathroom – at that point you don’t have a choice but to get to know each other… You may cringe now, but fate’s inevitable cruelty will ensure this is going to happen and nothing will be a secret anymore. But, once you overcome the horror of losing all your privacy, it can actually be lovely living with your partner, so here are my top tips to surviving living with your partner, especially at university:

1.No matter how stressed you are; make time for each other – you can always catch up with coursework, but you can’t gain back lost time that you could’ve spent with your partner. My boyfriend and I always made sure we went for meals in town and spent time actually talking to each other, rather than just uttering the occasional word when the hectic work period began. There are no excuses!



2. Buy each other gifts, no matter how small. Even if it’s a McDonald’s meal! Showing you care is something that many couples can forget to do, which can cause bitterness, but the smallest amount of effort can gain amazing outcomes. You never know what’s around the corner, so make the most of it!


3. When you annoy each other (note: that is very easily done in a studio flat, trust me) then talk through it and explain why you’re annoyed. Don’t just sit there and ignore each other, just makes the whole situation a hundred times worse. Also, when the other person is explaining – let them explain and don’t do this:


4. You’ll both occasionally want time to yourself and that’s perfectly fine. I’d watch Gossip Girl and my boyfriend would be playing DOTA 2 (still quite clueless about what that is, but I do know it’s a game. Small victories…) and that’s fine. Of course, when I started to binge watch Gossip Girl, I was told that I got a bit obsessed, but oh my god Blair and Chuck – I’ve never been on such an emotional rollercoaster – heart-breaking! Of course my boyfriend didn’t understand and didn’t get why I was so emotionally involved when it was fictional. Whoops!


5. Get dressed up and go out! Because, why not?!


6. Watch TV shows together religiously because it’s fun to share that joy in a TV show with your favourite person. Although, it DID take us a while to agree on shows (and no I couldn’t persuade him to watch Gossip Girl *sob*), but our favourites are:

GOTNLGIF3 metalinjection/crushable


MICNLGIF5 channelhopping.onthebox/wikimedia

7. Most importantly, remember why you’re together and enjoy yourselves, because no matter how stressed, angry or upset you get, you’ll always have someone there to help you get through it. I couldn’t have gotten through third year without my boyfriend telling me to relax and it is still the most important lesson I’ve learnt from him. Who knew men were so wise?


Natasha Lane