Balancing your life in Uni

Right, so you’ve moved in, you’ve just gotten your timetable and you’ve done a little food shop – so, now what?

Freshers week is finished and you’ve been to your first couple lectures and you start to get a grip with how fast paced uni life is going to be. You start to notice how partying during the week is the norm, sleep is scarce and deadlines come around quicker than you thought.

I know that when I was a fresher balancing sleep, my studies and a social life was very tough and I wished there was some advice on how to balance it all out. This is where this article can help!

My first piece of advice is: try and do the work as soon as you get it because this will save you A LOT of hassle in the end. It might seem easier to leave the work to the very last minute so that you have time to party and/or sleep but honestly, DO THE WORK AS SOON AS YOU GET IT.  I honestly wish I would have followed my own advice now because, I can clearly remember times I was close to real tears trying to complete a 1,500 word essay 2 days before my deadline. Doing this will actually leave you time to go over your work and more hours sleep and maybe an extra night to go out clubbing!

My second piece of advice is: you don’t have to go to every party/club night. I can admit, I was a proper raver in my first year and don’t get me wrong, it’s fun but missing out a couple raves every now and then isn’t much. You’ll save money that you’ll desperately need at some point and it will – again – give you extra hours of sleep. To be honest, most of these raves are all the same just a different venue but, choose wisely which ones to attend because time won’t be on your side when it comes to sleep or deadlines.

My third and last piece of advice is: when it’s time to sleep, sleep! This may seem quite obvious but, I know I’m usually one to get into bed but stay up for hours on my phone, iPod or kindle doing things that I could do the next day. But the next day will be a proper struggle if you only have 5 or fewer hours sleep and you’ll feel like death so, let your brain rest when it’s meant to.

Hopefully these points will help you out with how to balance life at uni and you won’t have to go through all of the trouble I did in my first year!

By Nabilla Doma

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