Cheap and Cheerful

Autumn is nearly upon us, which means that the weather is changing… and so must our wardrobes! Shops such as Topshop, H&M and many others have already bought in their A/W collection and, let me say, it’s all gorgeous! But, it’s all also wayyyyy out of my price range – £95 for a single coat? How about no. However much you will be tempted to dip into that lovely student loan, or even your overdraft, to pay for that new top that you just have to own – just wait. Have a look around and see if you can get a similar top for a cheaper price.  I’m letting you know now that it IS possible!

I am a sucker for charity shops – I just can’t help myself! Recently I’ve noticed that items I’ve bought in charity shops are actually coming back into style. And what’s the best part about this? I spent less than a quarter of the full price for many of these items. Not only am I a sucker for charity shops, I’m also a sucker for hand-me-downs – no seriously, I am! About 2 weeks ago, my Nan came to visit and she brought with her a bag full of old clothes from when she was 19/20 and guess what – it’s all amazing! Not only is it proper vintage, it’s also all coming back into style and I got it completely free!

So, this got me thinking about how much all of these items, that I received for free or bought from charity shops, are selling for in the high street. (This is where it got fun!) In order to find this out, I went on a little mission into Highcross with a friend in order to find out how much money I’ve saved by shopping in charity shops and accepting my Nans old clothes. I hope you enjoy the findings….

 L1 L2

Topshop Crochet Collar Shirt: £24.99
A lovely top, but far too expensive if you ask me! On the right is my version of the top that my Nan gave me…for free!

L4 L3

Topshop Shirt: £35
A funky little number I have on here – but would I pay £35 for it? Certainly not! Here’s a similar top I bought in a charity shop for £3, saving me £32!

 L6 L5

Topshop Skirt: £35

Aztec print seems to be in this season and this skirt is an awesome example of why – I mean, it’s gorgeous! Here’s my £3 version on the right.

 L7 L8

Topshop Coat: £58

A gorgeous coat, but a bit out of my price range. Luckily, my Nan gave me one for free and it’s practically the same!

 L9 L10

H&M Blazer: £29.99

This blazer is perfect for when you need to look presentable, but I just can’t afford to pay nearly £30 for it! So here’s my alternative, courtesy of my lovely Nan.

 L12 L11

River Island Blazer: £55

Beautiful dogtooth blazer from River Island. Here’s my cheap alternative I got for £4 from a charity shop!

L13 L14

Urban Outfitters Skirt: £30.00

What a gorgeous skirt, right?! Well here’s my one that I got for £2.50, saving me a whopping £27.50!

L16 L15

Urban Outfitters Skirt: £195.00

Nearly £200 for a skirt?! Nope! How about £3? That’s all I paid!

 L18 L17

Urban Outfitters Cardigan: £48.00

I have a cardigan addiction and this little number from Urban Outfitters is stunning! However, I could not bring myself to pay £48 for it, so I’ll have to settle for my £3 charity shop bargain.

So, as you can see, it is possible to get stylish clothes cheaply. Look around some charity shops when you’re next in town – it will save you bundles of cash. Ask your mum, nan, aunt , or even your sister, if they have any old clothes that they don’t wear anymore. You will save yourself money in the long run and end up looking just as fabulous!

By Lucy Mugford

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