How to beat that hangover

It’s 9am and you’re sat in a lecture, your eyes are heavy, your head is thumping, and you’re suffering the ebb and flow of constant waves of nausea. Sound familiar? I thought so. Possibly the worst part of university is that hangover which makes you promise you will never drink again (although that never lasts), combined with the terrifying prospect of dragging yourself to an early morning lecture or seminar. I believe it is essential, as a student, to let your hair down every once in a while – although it is also important to remember that you are in fact here to get a degree. So, how can you enjoy a crazy night out without letting your grades suffer the consequences? Well, here are a few handy methods taken from personal experience and scientific research to help beat the lousy hangover:


Drinking a pint of water before collapsing into bed is probably the most obvious method in keeping the hangover headache at bay, although a lot of us forget to do it and consequently regret it in the morning. According to, alcohol contains a ‘toxic chemical’ which acts as a diuretic and as a result makes you dehydrated. From personal experience, preparing a glass of water and putting it in arms-length of your bed before the pre-drinks begin, could save you from that thumping head in the morning, and might make clambering out of bed at 9am slightly more bearable.


Personally I think there is no better hangover cure than a large helping of greasy bacon, sausages, and eggs to begin the day. If you have the time before that early morning lecture to whip up a Full English, I find it’s a great way to restore calories back into your system, and defeat that sickening feeling in your stomach. However, according to scientific research greasy food is not recommended. Apparently the best food to restore your body to normality is a homemade banana milkshake, sweetened with honey. Banana has soothing qualities for your stomach, the honey restores depleted blood-sugar levels, and the milk re-hydrates your system.

Painkillers or Vitamins  

Paracetamol is a quick remedy for aching heads, which may give you enough pain-relief to concentrate in your lecture or seminar. Although, it isn’t healthy to get into the habit of popping the painkillers as soon as you wake up. Sometimes drinking a pint of water can be enough to defeat the headache. Another over-the-counter remedy is dissolvable vitamin c tablets. They restore vitamins and minerals into your system, whilst dissolving them in water re-hydrates your body. From personal experience, I would stay clear of ibuprofen: they can play havoc with your already sensitive stomach.

Ultimately, the best hangover cure is time. But when you do have a 9am lecture and wallowing in bed is not an option, these techniques will help. It’s all about returning those vital fluids back to your body, and, as a student developing the will power and the determination to crawl out of bed and go to those essential lectures. Remember, work hard, play hard and you’re time at University will be worthwhile and enjoyable.

By Victoria Cox

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