Three essential items you need for successful year at University

I know what you are all thinking. The stay-at-home student is thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s easy. I need clothes, books and pens.’ The living-away-from-home student is thinking, ‘ha, easy peasy, I need a house (that is bills inclusive), food and friends.’ The international student is thinking, ‘I need food, friends and adventure.’ You are all wrong. You are only looking at the small picture. Actually, you are looking at the smaller picture, you need to realise the bigger picture. I will educate you. The three most essential things you need to succeed at university whether it is your first, second or last year are;

  1. Serious money: I call this serious money because it is the money (if you are not filthy rich) that you N.E.E.D, need. For most of us, ll cover the essentials for university. I am talking about the bills, the house, the food, the back to school items, and the textbooks. If you are a 1st year student, you need to be warned, this, my friend is serious. TEXTBOOKS COST A FORTUNE. Most lecturers will make it seem as if nothing else in the world matters except you having the textbook they talk about. There are three ways to overcome this expensive situation:
    1. Borrow the book from the library. However simple this sounds, it does not always work because the library often only has 4-6 copies of book for 50-100 students on the course. You can do the maths.
    2. Buy the books from 2nd or 3rd year students.
    3. Buy a kindle. This might help some students, not all and it might seem like the most expensive choice on the list, but actually it works out to be the cheapest. Except if you are like me and cannot stand technology, then you are back to option a or b.
  2. Normal money: I know this might seem a bit repetitive but hear me out. This is the money that most of us only wish for in our university years. Sometimes (not often) you find that after the serious money, you still have some money left over. This money is the definition of happiness because it will make university more bearable and enjoyable. So what will you need this money for? Think of it as your pocket money. You can use it for whatever you want: games, latest gadgets, shoes, shopping, make-up, movies and so on. Most importantly you can buy chocolate and go out with your friends. Basically, whatever your heart desires.
  3. Time: last item on the essential list. Time is something we all want but can’t own. This is definitely essential, you will need study time, revision time, reading time, sleeping time, fun time and You time. Take this opportunity whilst you are at university to make some You time. You are young, gorgeous and free but that is the outside, make your inside look as gorgeous as your outside.

After doing all of this, reserve some time to discover, develop and define yourself. After university, there comes jobs, marriage, and children in whatever order, all these things might make you too busy for You time. So take this time to be tranquil with yourself. Choose who you want to be. Define yourself.

Apart from this, you will need a lot of serious revision time. The beginning of the year deludes you into thinking that university is a piece of cake. The illusion that you can pass university without putting in any effort or revision starts to develop in your mind. Everyone one feels like this at the start, but this is a cruel mirage, so fight it and read ahead. Around Christmas time, it starts dawning on everyone about how much work they have to do. Now imagine if you had already finished that work. BEST advice is this: in most instances, the lecturers give out the essay titles and their due time at the beginning of each term. The moment you get a small idea of what your essay could be about, talk to the lecturer and develop it. This way you have plenty of time to draft and redraft. Most importantly if you want to change your essay, you have plenty of time for that too.

By Sumaya Muganzi