Last month was the 20th anniversary of the first airing of popular TV show, Friends, and to celebrate I’ve put together the top 10 funniest moments through the shows 20 year stint:

10. First up is when Ross proved that men should not wear leather pants. Check out one of his most embarrassing moments below:

9. Remember the one with Unagi? We certainly do! Especially when Phoebe and Rachel scared Ross in his apartment:

8.Seeing your friends going at it is perhaps not the greatest of moments, but Phoebe’s reaction to Chandler and Monica doing ‘it’ is perhaps one of the funniest:

7. We were all desperately waiting for the moment when everybody finds out about Monica and Chandler – especially Ross. When it arrived, it certainly didn’t disappoint:

6.The Thanksgiving episodes are always special episodes, but ‘The One With The Late Thanksgiving’ brought the funniest!

5.The first season had many funny moments but this scene from the pilot is one of my favoruites:

4. Whoever came up with the scene where Monica dances with a turkey on her head with a fez and sunglasses is a genius:

3. Tea Break’s editor-in-chief, Anna, said that her favourite moment from Friends has to be Joey’s TV advert where he advertised lipstick for men, so I just had to bring it back:

2.We were all heartbroken when Friends ended, but the episode was made even more memorable with one of the most popular quotes from the series – ‘there’s something wrong with the left phalange

1. But my all time favourite clip has to be from ‘The One With The cCop’ or more commonly known as the ‘Pivot’ episode:


Ben Walker



Image: tombasson