As the mature, responsible adult I am, I chose to go to a One Direction concert, alone, for my nineteenth birthday. Haters are gonna hate. But allow me to present to you a miniature summary of what to expect from a sold out, One Direction, stadium show.

Screaming Girls– There were lots and lots of overly excited girls, losing their vocal chords whilst screaming to the heavens for five boys. Some of them might be in merch or holding HILARIOUS signs for their favourite member, but you can bet your last penny that they will be drinking lemsip for the next three days.

International Fans– Whilst queuing outside Wembley I heard a range of accents and languages around me, and felt the dedication of fans who had literally splashed out thousands of pounds to be at the show; Americans, Italians, Swedes and many more, all going in one direction for their holiday. (LOL)

The Macarena– Just before any band comes on stage they have near enough always set up a playlist of songs as a way of introducing to the audience what they can expect from the show. Some choose Metallica, some choose Madonna, not many however, choose the Macarena. Let me tell you, seeing 80,000 people at Wembley stadium dance to the Macarena for a good ten minutes is an oddly satisfying feeling, even more so when you’re on your third beer of the evening.

AC 1

Four Australians– Support acts are usually a good reason for me to go to a show, I mean my first concert was Avril Lavigne for the Jonas Brothers, but for One Direction’s last two tours (Take Me Home and Where We Are) they’ve been joined by four boys from Western Sydney, 5 Seconds of Summer, who were a pretty popular support act. Of the possible eight times their music video played before they came on stage, their applause seemed to get louder. Sadly I did feel like the only person in my ENTIRE block, singing my heart out to their pop-punk inspired songs.


To Know the Words– As much as you’d like to deny it, we are all guilty of knowing the words to at least four One Direction songs (think Best Song Ever and What Makes You Beautiful, go on, I can hear you humming it). However, I found in the middle of their show that I know a lot more of their songs than I had ever realised. Bonus Point = you’ll actually enjoy singing along!

Banter– what would a One Direction concert be without one of Harry Styles’ ground breaking jokes? Expect lots of thank you’s from the band, lots of Harry eating bananas and splashing girls with water, and lots of TBT about how the band got to where they are now.


Aimee Costa