Another day, another dystopian adaptation. Following in the path of The Hunger Games and Divergent, The Maze Runner is the latest young adult novel to find itself on the big screen. Written by James Dashner, Wes Ball’s take on the narrative is sure to lead into the trend of trilogies.

The story itself follows a group of young boys, all living and working together within ‘The Glade.’ Every month ‘The Box’, a crate like elevator, sends up supplies for the Gladers, along with another boy. The film begins with the arrival of Thomas, who like the boys before him, is delivered in an amnesic state, unaware of who he is, or how he got sent into The Glade. A fellow Glider, Alby, informs Thomas of where he is – a farm like area enclosed by a towering maze.

The maze itself is searched daily by a team of Runners (of which Thomas later finds himself joining) who trace the route of the maze seeking an exit to the outside world. For three years, the boys have been working to escape The Glade and The Maze, but this has proved impossible by the fact that the maze changes daily, and The Maze is only safe for so long. ‘Nobody has ever survived a night in the maze,’ is the general motto of the boys’ lives, given that the walls of the Maze are laced with Grievers, robotic spider-like creatures with the intent to kill. Other difficulties the boys face within The Glade is the possibility of a Stinger, which changes the boy’s personalities, and leads to some interesting and disturbing plot twists. The narrative itself takes a whole new turn when a girl, Teresa, is sent up The Box, with a note proclaiming she will be ‘the last one ever,’ as well as her waking to recognise Thomas.

The film is made up of a largely British cast, with Skins favourite Kaya Scodelorio taking the role of Teresa, Will Poulter, who has found himself in several blockbusters, acting as the antagonistic Gully, and Thomas Sangster, the darling from Love Actually as Newt. The film is led by Dylan O’ Brien, my MCM for life, who is familiar to the world of adaptation, having starred in the American TV series, Teen Wolf.


Aimee Costa


Image: tumblr