“I was born in space. I’ve never felt the sun on my face, or breathed real air or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, The Ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind.” – Clarke Griffin: episode one, series one.



When I first saw the trailer for this series, I was a little sceptical about it. It had me worried that it was going to be an attempt to copy ITV’s ‘Primeval’ from several years ago. It is a post-apocalyptic series based on the books by Kass Morgan, which after watching this series, I will definitely be reading!

For 97 years, survivors on board ‘the Ark’ believed they were the only ones left of humankind. But as 100 prisoners are sent to the ground, we learn how everything they thought they knew about the ground, is wrong. Earth has plenty of secrets; whether it is acid storms, animals with two faces, or tribes that managed to survive. The real test however, is how they cope with each other – after all, there are no rules or parents with them.


I appreciate that the graphics and the special effects are not great in the series. It’s something that doesn’t concern me too much. As a viewer I was more concerned about the storyline and plot, which was something that was added to each episode. Each week a new issue occurred on the ground or ‘the Ark’, and we got to look into the past of a prisoner’s life.

What can we expect from a second series? For those of you who have watched the series, the fate of two people are to be determined. I am hoping it is a good turn-out, but for now, we are left in the unknown. We also want to see the reactions of the prisoners as they – or should I say if, they are reunited with their parents/ families.

Another great thing about ‘The 100’ is the idea that it is not simply just another future phenomenon like everything else out there. Don’t get me wrong, films about zombie outbreaks, virus outbreaks and global warming are all fascinating ideas, but I’m glad that ‘The 100’ has more to it, it’s different.

Plus, the music choices are great, if you are an ‘Imagine Dragons’ or ‘Tom Odell’ fan, then this series is for you!

Claire McGowan