Hi there, first things first – I don’t like Halloween. As a kid I went trick or treating once and found not that much joy in it other than I got to take home lots of sweets. I don’t like being scared, in fact I hate it. Scary movies and things jumping out at me is just not my idea of fun. So since I was about 15 I made my own Halloween tradition specifically around the 1993 Halloween film by Disney called Hocus Pocus.



Directed by Kenny Ortega this film is family friendly and charming in every way and quite frankly you’d expect nothing less from Kenny’s work. If you haven’t heard of Mr Ortega you can probably guarantee you’ve seen his work for he’s best known for choreographing Dirty Dancing back in 1987, and directing High School Musical and This is It.

Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker play three witches: the Sanderson Sisters – that are awakened 300 hundred years after they were hanged. They are awoken from a spell by a young boy named Max lighting the ‘black candle’ whilst trying to impress Allison, a girl from his new school. The three witches go on a rampage in the town of Salem on Halloween night to rid children of their souls in order to retain their youthful looks whilst Max, his little sister Dani and Allison along with a cat named Binx try and stop them.



Now I’m sure you’ve heard of this film, if not then what on earth did you do with your childhood? And I’m sure you know that it’s not the best Disney movie ever made; in fact the reviews it got from critics basically slated it. Most reviews pick holes in the plot line, the acting and the predictability of it but I’d just like to point out that most of them don’t take it for what it is – fun! It’s a light hearted kid’s film about witches, zombies and a talking cat. It has comedy and songs and everything you could want.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t like things of a creepy and halloweeny type nature. I mean I watch The Walking Dead and that for sure is not light hearted! But if you still enjoy the theme of Halloween but don’t want to be scared out of your wits by dolls trying to kill you (yes I have seen the trailer for that new film Annabelle and just that made me jump out of my skin 5 times!) or people being possessed and killing you in your sleep then try my way of doing things.

So whilst you’re all off out dressing up and trying to freak each other out I’ll be curled up in bed with popcorn and Hocus Pocus.



However I have a question for all of you reading this – is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas or a Halloween film? I’ve wanted to add it to my Halloween watching’s for a few years but it’s always been something that I watch at Christmas.



What do you guys think? Is it a suitable for both times of year? Let me know

Rachael Millmoor