‘Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe It.’ – Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas





This is my ABSOLUTE favourite film to watch at Halloween! There is nothing about the film that I dislike, every second of it has me completely enthralled. The Nightmare Before Christmas, made in 1993, is an American stop motion musical fantasy film. I love that the whole film is done in stop motion, when you watch how much time and effort went into even just preparing this film, it’s no wonder that the film is well loved. It’s amazing to think that the film looks how it does when it finished filming.


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It originated as a poem written by Tim Burton in 1982. It follows the story of our main man Jack Skellington, otherwise known as ‘The Pumpkin King’, who lives in ‘Halloween Town’ and every year the whole town prepares for Halloween; making it an amazing spectacle. However Jack starts to become bored with the same thing year after year, so after stumbling into the woods finds a portal to another town and decides to go through it. Coincidently, it leads him to ‘Christmas Town’ where everyone is preparing for Christmas Day.

After exploring the town, Jack decides that he want to celebrate Christmas in Halloween Town. Once back, he tries to describe his new idea to the townspeople, who have a hard time grasping the idea until finally Jack decides to become Santa and orders someone to kidnap him from Christmas Town. While all this is happening we are introduced to Sally, who was created by the town’s resident mad scientist, and we see her start to fall in love with Jack and once she sees what he is planning, tries to convince him that it is a bad idea. After Jack tries, and fails, to become Santa for the night, having been shot out of the sky and crashing his ‘sleigh’, he finally realized the error of his ways and rushes back to Halloween Town to mend what he has done. After saving both Santa and Sally from an evil creature, Santa shows there is no hard feelings by happily delivering the rest of the presents and making it snow in Halloween Town, letting the townspeople play in it and finally start to understand what Christmas is all about. While all this is happening, Jack comes up with a brilliant plan for next year’s Halloween.


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The soundtrack that accompanies this film is absolutely amazing; I always listen to it around Halloween as it always gets me excited. It also gets me ready for Christmas, (CHRISTMAS IS COMING GUYS!) it’s a beautiful love story mixed in with a hilarious, sometimes sad plot line. If you haven’t seen it (what is wrong with you?) you should definitely feast your eyes on it like right now, and if you have, feast your eyes on it again, you won’t be sorry!

And to answer Rachel’s question, yes you can absolutely watch it at Christmas and Halloween, I do every year!


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