You, me, Elijah, and the miracle baby all under one roof. Sounds like a reality show.’ – Hayley, Season 1, Episode 20: A Closter Walk With Thee.

The Originals is the spin off from The Vampire Diaries, and in my opinion is so much better! Season One started last October and follows the Mikaelson family as they return to their old home of New Orleans.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt) were run out of the French Quarter in New Orleans by their vengeful father, after building it themselves. After leaving in 1919, the city was taken over by Klaus’ protégé Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Upon return Klaus is furious to realize Marcel has claimed the city as his own when it is rightfully his family’s, so decided to take him down and reclaim it. In amongst all this, we see Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) return only to reveal she is carrying Klaus’ child.


the original saaf

As if that wasn’t enough drama, Hayley finds remnants of her family’s pack while the witches scheme to kill Klaus’ child once it is born, while using Elijah to ensure help in a certain witch problem. We also see many flashbacks throughout the series to the time before the family fled and showing how Marcel came to be a part of the family.

Klaus is without doubt, one of the most complex characters in the show, we see him battling with his emotions and finally coming to terms with the idea of being a father, even though the idea absolutely terrifies him. Elijah’s endless battle to help him seek redemption, having pushed everything he seeks down believing his brother deserves to be happy, makes us in turn, pray that Klaus somehow pulls through and is finally eternally happy. Elijah is most definitely the most noble of the whole family, believing a pact they made year and years (literally) ago, ‘forever and always’ remains eternal, and works endlessly to ensure that pact does not fall through. Rebekah is just full of sassiness, but will do anything for her family, she stays when Elijah asks her too, and despite being scared of Klaus, she does want him to be happy and will help Elijah help him reach that goal.



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I love the camerawork in the series; it is fantastic, making you feel as though you are right there watching the action as it happens. The characters are all fantastically written and portrayed, each one with a story of their own – getting equal attention in the plot. This is the perfect series to watch leading up to Halloween, with just the right amount of the supernatural, magic, blood and romance.

Season 2 started on October 14th on SyFy and it’s definitely one you need to sink your teeth into. If you liked Vampire Diaries, you’ll love this!

Here’s the Season 2 trailer:


Taylor-Louise Rowley



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