We’ve all seen the adorable film where Casper meets a young Lizze McGuire and they become instant friends. It’s basically Romeo and Juliet without the suicide – so much more kid-friendly. Casper Meets Wendy was one of my favorite spooky (if I can even call it that) films to watch around Halloween as a child, and since I haven’t seen it in over ten years – I thought I’d give it a go and see if it still held the same charm for me. I found that it was much different than I remembered, what with Casper being a total flirt and Wendy the Good Little Witch being the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge). Wendy was strong, independent, and didn’t take shit from anyone. We can all learn from her. Take notes, girls.

Lesson 1: Don’t Give Your Heart Away Too Easy

It is when Casper and Wendy first meet that the audience realizes that this ghost has game. He discovers Wendy is a witch and the conversation is as follows:

Casper: Are you really a witch?

Wendy: Yeah, what of it?

Casper: Nothing, I just didn’t know witches were so cute!



How old is he – seven? Casper is quite the charmer. Later in the film, after Wendy asks if they are friends, Casper replies, “Wendy, friends doesn’t come close to describing how I feel.” Keep it in your pants, Casper. You might think Casper’s shameless flirting would take Wendy by surprise, melting her heart, but Wendy can’t be distracted by silly boys when she has a powerful witch out to kill her.

Lesson 2: Don’t Let Anyone Bring you Down

Wendy’s aunts are so mean to her. Don’t they know children need to be supported and valued? Now as an adult viewer I’m wondering where Wendy’s parents are and why her aunts are so damn grumpy. What did Wendy ever do to you three? Luckily, Wendy couldn’t give two shits about how her aunts treat her because she has the self esteem of Kanye West and the optimism of Annie.


not so smitten

Lesson 3: Don’t Dwell on Others’ Problems

When Wendy told Casper it was the best day of her life, he retorted, “Me too! Well, except for the life part…” I found myself suddenly saddened by the realization that Casper is a dead child, not just a friendly ghost. Wendy responded differently than me, laughing like the cold-hearted bitch she is. Your isolating existence in the icy dimension between life and death is not Wendy’s problem and she could not care less about you not having a beating heart or a host body.

Lesson 4: Don’t Let Boys Be Mean to You

Wendy meets a boy named Josh at the resort. He ends up being a total jerk to her at the pool, forcefully grabbing her hand after she rejects him, saying, “Look you’re going to the dance with me and that’s that!” Wendy is not about to let a boy force her to do something that she does not want to, so she puts him right in his place saying, “Josh, you are way behind on 90s dating rituals and maybe you need to catch up,” before she uses her magic little finger to have him sprayed with ketchup. It was by far the biggest OH SHIT! moment of the film.

Lesson 5: Know When to Move On

Perhaps the most astounding part of the film was the ending, although after the earlier conversation between Casper and Wendy, perhaps I was naïve for not seeing it coming. Casper and Wendy are flirtatious little preteens during the whole film, spending time together flying through the sky and completing the task Romeo and Juliet could not – ending the rivalry between their families. They establish that they are friends (or more) and Casper risks his own – um, life? – to save Wendy as Spellman, the evil witch, is trying to destroy her. Yet in the end, Wendy casts Casper to the side.

When Casper finds Wendy as she is about to get on her broom and fly home, he says, “I guess this is goodbye…” accompanied by the saddest puppy eyes I’ve ever seen. He follows this up with, “I’m really gonna miss you.” But Wendy doesn’t give two shits. She tells him he’ll save some other girl and forget all about her (in other words – build a bridge and get over it). Casper looks sad and offers few words in this exchange, his longing to spend more time with Wendy evident. Wendy gives him a kiss and wears a shit-eating grin as she says her final words to him, “Goodbye, ghost boy!” Wendy is such an asskicking rockstar that she doesn’t even need to remember boys’ names. Besides, she mustn’t keep the paper boy waiting.


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I think we can all take these lessons to heart and try to live each day more like Wendy the Bad Bitch.

Kat Stubing 


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