For all you wimps out there (I included) Halloween can be a daunting time of year. Wandering on the streets are witches and people who have done their make up so convincingly (I hope) that it looks as if they have had half of their face stapled. Let’s just say I prefer treats rather than tricks and even the thought of watching horror films brings me out in a cold sweat. Therefore I have compiled a list of alternative (more awww instead of arrrrghhhhh) Halloween films.

1. The Nightmare before Christmas

Although the film focuses a little bit around Christmas, the beginning of the film is focused around the crazy world of Halloweenland with citizens such as deformed monsters, ghosts and ghouls. The main character Jack Skellington better known as the Pumpkin King due to the fact he has won all of the fancy dress competitions. But alas for Jack this prestige is just not enough so he leaves Halloweenland in search for a greater meaning and stumbles across Christmastown (if only it was a real place!) and decides to start a tradition of his own which disastrous consequences.

The film was created by Tim Burton and provides you with everything you could want from a wimp friendly Halloween film, it even has songs!

Scare factor 2/10



2. Hocus Pocus

You cannot not let Halloween pass by without watching Hocus Pocus! It is possibly the only time you will see Sarah Jessica Parker looking bad. A young boy named Max moves to the town of Salem from LA and desperately trying to impress Binx he resurrects the Sanderson sisters (definitely would not impress me!) which leads to a series of funny and heart-warming events.

The three Sanderson sisters were played by Hollywood royalty Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy and their great chemistry will have you in stitches!

Scare factor 4/10



3. Shaun of the Dead

Now I know I am upping the anti-here as Shaun of the dead does make you jump at times, but all in all it is just a hilarious parody of a zombie apocalypse.  The characters Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) have coasted through life and prefer to spend most of their time in front of the TV and in the pub instead of participating in life. But when a zombie invasion takes over their town it is left to Shaun and Ed to save their family and friends.

As usual the dynamic duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost offer an hilarious plot with quotable one liners such as “he’s not my dad, he’s my stepdad”. The film has a stellar cast to name a few Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman and Dylan Morris which will leave you in stitches. Also you can kind of convince yourself that you are watching a scary film.

Scare factor 5/10



4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Think more jazz hands than severed hands. This fun filled musical will have singing along to its unique songs and mesmerised by the characters. Newly engaged couple Brad Majors and Janet Weiss walk to a nearby castle where they step into a bizarre party which turns out to be a group of people celebrating the Annual Transylvanian Convention, obviously.


The musical turned film brings together mischief and mayhem with a little bit of the Frankenstein tale as well plus lots of men in fish net stockings! What isn’t there to love?!

Scare factor 4/10



5. Twilight 

Don’t judge me!I just can’t resist Robert Pattinson. It is a typical rom –com but with an emo girl (Kristen Stewart) falls madly in love with an equally moody vampire (Robert Pattinson). T he cringey acting and long awkward silences make for a perfect night in with chocolate, snuggled under the duvet hiding from the ghosts and ghouls that are lurking outside.

Scare Factor 1/10



Eleanor Woulfe