We are constantly reminded at shows/theaters to switch off our mobile phones, whether it is through adverts at the cinema, or announced before a show starts. It is common curtesy to switch them off so that acts are not disturbed and so other members of the audience can enjoy themselves. But it appears that people are still not getting the message. Michael McIntyre found this out when performing at Darlington’s Civic theatre, after reportedly storming off the stage when a woman on the front row appeared to be paying more attention to her phone. Michael asked security to sort this out and returned a few minutes later.

“The problem is it’s not that he couldn’t handle a bothersome heckler (I’ve gigged with Michael at some of the toughest clubs in the country and he was always brilliant). I suspect he was thinking about the other people in the room.” Jason Manford.

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As a huge Michael McIntyre fan, and having been to see ‘Showtime’ I have to agree that he did the right thing. Before Michael came out, there was several announcements asking politely for people to turn off their phones. Not only am I basing my opinion on this, but I’m sure many of us have been in various situations when phones have been a distraction and have annoyed us. The cinema is a great example, it’s irritating when people are texting and you can see the light from their phones, or hearing them ring when you get to a crucial part of the story. I’ve even been in a situation before where idiots have played music out-loud! (But that is different story entirely…)

Some people on twitter think that Michael should have dealt with the heckler himself, something like Jimmy Carr has done here:

As funny as this is, I don’t think for Michael it was crucial that he did it.  At the end of the day the main thing is that he continued to do the show and it’s not part of his job to deal with people who interrupt. Some people even said on Twitter that perhaps the woman being on her phone is a sign of how boring he was. Surely if that was the case the best thing to have done was leave? I think part of the main problem is people have an attitude that because they’ve paid for a ticket they’re allowed to do whatever they want. I’d like to point out that really you’ve paid to have a seat and see the act, that doesn’t entitle you to ruin it for everybody else!

It would be great to hear your opinions on this, do you think it was right for Michael to walk out?

On a lighter note, here are some funny moments from Michael McIntyre! Enjoy!

Claire McGowan

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