Every year, 50,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer, and it’s an unfortunate reality that most of us know someone who has suffered from the devastating illness, be them aunts, mothers, grandmothers, neighbours or friends.

October 24th sees the ‘Wear it Pink’ fundraiser  in which everyday people, such as you and me,  are encouraged to wear something pink to show our support for charities campaigning to find a cure for the illness, as well as donating as much as we can afford during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

It is easy to inject pink into your life this month, be it through nail polish, shirts, dresses, lipstick, coats or handbags. And it isn’t just exclusive to women either. If you’re a man reading this, why not show your support with a pink t shirt or tie? Anything, no matter how small it may seem, can be used to show your support for the campaign against cancer.

Bleach London

I became familiar with the reality of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month when I first spotted Bleach London, the trendy hair salon of uber cool Samantha Teasdale, twin sis of the hairstylist to 1D Lou Teasdale, posting about #pinkmonth on their Instagram page. Curious, I looked into the hashtag and found that through the month of October, Bleach are donating £1 for every bottle of their dye purchased to charity. As well as this, they’re taking the campaign one step further by encouraging their followers to dye their hair pink for the cause.

And what did I do to support this cause?

Apart from donate money, I took Bleach London’s campaign and did the very thing they’re trending, dyed my hair pink!

Now, I needed a new colour for my awful fading, fruit punch coloured hair, and knew that pink was the next thing to try. I sadly couldn’t find the super rad Bleach London ‘The Big Pink’ dye in my local boots, so I used Schwarzkopff Raspberry Rebel instead. And this is how it turned out-

Raspberry Rebel hair dye        Aimee's pink hair

Donate at

Follow Bleach London on Instagram @bleachlondon

And look out in shops for celebrity designed and exclusive items, in which proceeds fund cancer research

Don’t forget to Wear It Pink on October 24th

Aimee Costa