In the spirit of Halloween fun, there is nothing better than have a good old fancy dress party. But sometimes, it can be difficult to decide with Halloween costumes, as there is so much choice. To help you narrow your choices down, here are 5 fashion tips to survive Halloween:

DO wear something original that is influenced by your own personal touch. There is nothing scarier (pun intended!) than turning up to a party with someone else dressed identically like you.

DO make an effort – don’t just fling on a bed sheet and pretend to be a ghost! Do some research into the best places to get costumes from at a good price.


DONT’ dress up in something that your friends have convinced you will look great if you don’t agree. There is nothing worse than turning up and realising that you are in fact the clown of the party. Make sure you feel confident and comfy!

DO make sure its practical! Think twice before you decide to wear a costume which requires you to take it off completely when you need to use the loo. You do not want any accidents happening…


DON’T be afraid to use make up. This applies to the guys who feel that make up is demeaning or ‘feminine’ – put your male pride aside and join in on the fun!


Kausar Bapu