In my first year of university I landed in a flat with four very loud but wonderful girls. Very quickly we all learnt that we had a lot of things in common: drinking, dancing, cheesy music, pizza, strawberry laces, and a love for Bake Off. Since day one, our friendships have remained strong, and we still happily live together- we’re just one crazy family.

In commemoration of this university-long living arrangement, I have compiled a list of things you will only understand unless you’ve lived under the same roof as a bunch of girls- enjoy!

  1. My clothes are your clothes. Preparing for a night out consists of everyone in the house running between rooms swapping skirts, lending jewellery and generally sharing the entirety of their wardrobes. Sharing is caring!Pheobe nothing to wear gif
  1. Hair gets EVERYWHERE. On the floor, in the shower, occasionally in food. Mr Muscle drain-unblocker becomes an absolute necessity.
  1. Every morning begins with the sound of numerous hair-dryers and that sweet smell of burning hair- nice!

 Zooey curlers gif

  1. Those occasional battles for the shower, twinned with some terrible bathroom singing.

Emma Stone shower singing gif

  1. Those morning- after de-briefs on the sofa where everyone is clutching a pint of water and eating last night’s dominoes for breakfast- we have no shame.

Mila Kunis glass gif

  1. Every spare radiator becomes a drying space for knickers, and a variety of brightly coloured Primark pyjamas.
  1. A whole host of cheesy pre drinks – cue Spice Girls dance routine and kitchen utensils for microphones!

 If I was drunk gif

  1. There are so many hair products and razors in the shower there is barely any room to stand.
  1. Knowing at least one person in the house will want to re-live their childhood and watch a Disney film with you. This is then followed by a lengthy discussion about which princess you would be – Anastasia all the way!

 Anastsia gif

10. When emotions are running high, everyone knows there is nothing that some chocolate waffles and Ben& Jerry’s can’t         sort out!

 Stargate ice-cream gif

Victoria Cox