We all love dressing up on Halloween, be it as witches, cats or zombies. But if you’re struggling for inspiration this year, why not take a look at my pick of the five best celebrity Halloween costumes, which are creepy, odd and original.

5. Katy Perry (costume- Jane Lane)



In 2012, Katy Perry channelled her inner cartoon chic by donning this totes rad Jane Lane costume, resembling the BFF of Daria, who Katy’s real life BFF dressed as. This costume is original, and a major TBT to one of the late 90’s most popular animated TV series. What is even cooler about this costume is that you can pair up with a friend. Which cartoon pair will you copy? Bart and Lisa Simpson? Or how about Hey Arnold and Helga?


4. Kate Moss (costume- Morticia Addams)


Arguably, The Addams Family are an obvious Halloween costume choice, but when you’re one of the worlds biggest supermodels, and you have the best killer cheekbones known to man, your costume is always going to be pretty award-worthy. Even more so, you can copy this costume easily, with red lipstick, white face paint, and an all-black ensemble. Give it a try!


3. Kelly Osbourne (costume- Carrie)


This was my favourite costume of 2013, with Kelly perfectly channelling the telekinetic teen on prom night. Her blood soaked dress, inspired by one of the most famous scenes in horror, looked like it came right out of a nightmare. All you need to create this look at home is white dress, a tiara, and shower of fake blood.


2. Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Gideon and Harper Burtka-Harris (costume- Alice in Wonderland)


The Harris-Burtka family are perhaps the greatest costume pickers in any celeb household. They’ve been inspired by the Wizard of Oz, Horror Icons and Peter Pan, but our favourite family costume is this Alice In Wonderland collection. They managed to make Halloween cute with kids Harper and Gideon as Alice and the White Rabbit, whilst the gorgeous couple opted to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. We cannot wait to see what their 2014 costume inspiration is!


1. Heidi Klum (costume- Old Lady)



If you don’t know by now, Heid Klum is the Queen of Halloween. Every year she hosts the biggest Halloween party in Hollywood, and over the years she’s worn a range of creepy and crazy costumes; from being a gorilla, to an autopsy, an alien transformer and the Goddess Kali, to name a few. Perhaps her craziest and creepiest costume is last year’s Old Lady, which included not only an outfit, but prosthetics and varicose veins. It was certainly a far cry from the supermodels usual beauty, and has us all at Tea Break desperate to see what odd outfit she opts for this Halloween!


Aimee Costa