My Halloween Experiences

Halloween during my childhood was a very annoying time if I’m really honest. I think this had a lot to do with the fact that I wasn’t allowed to ‘celebrate’ or take part in trick or treating. Why? Well because my grandma said no.

Other than my mother, my grandma is another woman who I take orders from. Head of our big family, anything she says goes. So if she says “no”, you have no choice but to listen. This why the 31st of October of every year was spent sulking in my room once it hit 6pm.

As a child, I went to about three Halloween parties because my then best friend was a Halloween enthusiast; her mum loved the Halloween season. Because of this I didn’t quite understand why the hell I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating with my friends. As I got older I began to understand why. My grandma was a devout Christian, my mum and I? Not so much. So according to my grandma, Halloween was a celebration of the devil and witches and ghosts and vampires and all other evil elements. Obviously I didn’t agree with this view but I had no choice but to obey. I don’t even think my mum agreed so much with my grandma but, she as well had no choice in the matter; this was her mum!

It was only until I turned 17 that I was ‘allowed’ to go to a friend’s Halloween party. And it was bloody fun! It was a fancy dress party and it was awesome seeing all my friends dressed up, drunk and/or acting pretty reckless.

I’ve never resented neither my mum nor my grandma for not letting me go trick or treating. I just know that if my future kids want to go out and have some Halloween fun, as long as they’re safe, why would I say no?

Nabilla Doma