Now like many of you who have already read or want to read this book, you found out about John Green’s amazingness through his wonderful book The Fault in Our Stars. That was a flipping fantastic book; it was written well and the characters felt so real (Augustus Water, I love you baby). So now that he has us intrigued with his writing style, the next thing to do is read another one of his books. John Green has quite a large collection of novels (I was quite shocked if I’m honest) and for some reason, a friend and I decided we should read Will Grayson, Will Grayson next.

Before I jump right into my opinion of the book, I can say that it had the same John Green style with also a helping of David Leuithan. The writers each took on the perspective of one of the Will Graysons’ in this book (there’s two if you hadn’t already guessed). There’s John Green’s Will Grayson who is like many American teenage boys: just trying to get through high school whilst staying in the background…and with a very big, very gay best friend Tiny Cooper. Then there’s David Leuithan’s Will Grayson who is very pessimistic, introvert and at times, suicidal.

I won’t make this review a spoiler frenzy so let me just get to the point: I was utterly disappointed. Now maybe this is because I had high expectations but, yes; a John Green book has disappointed me. The two main characters in their own right had a strong sense of self and in the beginning of the story, it seemed like it was going to go somewhere…but it didn’t. That was the major let down, the story just died halfway through. Both the characters and the storyline could have been developed more but, it was the lack of pace that really broke my heart. Another reason why I think I’m not a fan of Will Grayson x2 is because of, I’m sad to say this, David Leuithan. I much preferred John Green’s Will Grayson because the other Will Grayson was very melodramatic at times and mostly irritating. I’m not too sure of it was the character or the style of writing but, I wanted to slap some sense into the other Will Grayson 75% of the time. The book felt like it should have been called The Tiny Cooper Show since it was practically about Tiny Cooper. Maybe I would have found that much more interesting if it was.

Anyway, I hope this didn’t discourage you guys from reading because I still would if I was you. Hopefully your opinion will differ from mine and you won’t feel like you’ve wasted 12 days of your life.

Nabilla Doma 


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