With over 31 million subscribers, Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) owns the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Known for his highly entertaining game play and commentary, he is generally accompanied by one of his pugs, whilst screaming and excessively cursing when playing horror games.

If the thought of watching a series of slasher films this Halloween makes your stomach turn, or if you’re a little bit frightened to play a horror game yourself, then why not sit back, put the lights on if you want, and delve into a bucket of candy whilst watching the Swedish entertainer squeal over zombies, demons and serial killers. Think of it as Halloween with a modern twist.

The following videos are listed in no particular order, and all are mostly more hilarious than horrifying, thank you Pewds!

1. Daylight

This is the first video I watched on Pewdiepie’s channel, and like most of his videos, it belongs to a series. Daylight is a survival horror game, centered on a girl, Sarah, who wakes up in an abandoned hospital.  With a cell phone, the occasional glowstick and flare, players must help Sarah explore the hospital and uncover its secrets. Expect a lot of shouting!

2. Outlast

There are twelve videos in this gameplay walkthrough, and I highly recommend watching them all if you aren’t too frightened.  Set in an asylum, the games protagonist, Miles, an investigative journalist, really only has parkour (sadly not as comical as The Office) and the ability to hide in order to stay alive. Channelling several modern horror films, Outlast has a found footage element to it. Expect cruel twists, with an odd urge to continue watching.

3. Affected- The Asylum

Occulus Rift is perhaps the best and worst thing to happen for horror games, on the one hand it offers an immersive virtual reality, on the other hand it’s probably as horrifying as gaming can get. Even Pewdiepie hates using it, and has said in videos he often takes breaks from it when he is playing, so it probably will be better for the faint hearted to watch the experience through someone else’s eyes. Affected is a horror experience filled with jumpscares, and includes three chapters, The Manor, The Asylum and The Carnival. Play at your own risk.

4. Dark Dreams: Episode 1 The Woods

Another Occulus Rift game, Dark Dreams is filled with creepy moments and jumpscares.  It follows a man with insomnia who drives into a woods (totally the safest setting, NOT) with players directed to find a church, sounds simple but it couldn’t be further from it. Expect screaming, lots of pausing and a crying baby.

5. The Evil Within

The latest in Pewdiepie’s horror series, The Evil Within is dubbed one of the best horror games in recent years. It follows Sebastian Castellanos, a police detective, who is led on a journey to defeat Ruvik, a hooded man who has the ability to teleport, and who slaughters the detective’s colleagues at the beginning of the game. Rather than creep yourself out, why not live the events through Pewdiepie? Expect thunder and disturbing graphics, and an attempt to ‘shake it off!’

Aimée Costa


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