‘Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.’ – Alfred Hitchcock.

Okay, so I can hold my hands up and say that I am a massive wimp when it comes to anything scary. I’m already a naturally jumpy person, (please don’t shut that door too loud) why would I willingly want to encourage it? That being said, horror is a massive genre and is forever expanding to cover a range of supernatural things. So I’ve complied a list (and no I have not read them all – so feel free to disagree) of some books to read this Halloween depending on how much of a wimp you are.

If you love scary movies and laugh in the face of anything scary…

Silence of the Lambs – Thomas Harris

I have not read this book, nor would I want to. The premise of the films and books instantly put me on edge. Why would you want to put yourself through all that? But I guess whatever floats your boats… (You’re a weirdo!)

If you like anything demon/possession related…

The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty

As if this was a book?! I’m sorry what?! I couldn’t even make it through the whole film, I wouldn’t dare touch the book! But if you super enjoyed the film then go give the book a try, cause y’know the books are always better…

If you want a YA book that’s not going scare the lights out you…

Asylum – Madeline Roux

Okay, I hate anything that is set in or talks about an asylum, nope cant deal with it. From what I can tell this is about a summer school gone wrong. The worst bit is it contains REAL pictures from REAL ASYLUMS! I’m sorry? Are you feeling okay in the head over there? Whoever made that decision is mad! Anything that endeavors to make anything scary even remotely more real is something that I, despite being a 20 year old, cannot deal with.

If you fancy something light and fluffy that’s still a touch supernatural…

Twilight – Stephanie Meyer

Okay, so the films give the books a bad rep, but the books are really good. (Except for the last book ends, why? WHY?!) It’s a quick read, light, fluffy (sometimes too much fluff is consumed) and is basically about vampires and werewolves. Nothing too hard-core so you wont be scared witless – I managed fine!

If Twilight’s still too much for you…

The Witches – Roald Dahl

The 8 year old version of me was petrified for a good few weeks after reading this book. As the title suggests, its about witches (might explain my deep seated hate of witch books) and yes it is a children’s book so its not that scary at all, but if you were 8 and you were told that witches were bald, toeless, and clawed hands demons in human form, I’m pretty sure you’d be scared too.

So there you go a range of scary books to read this Halloween, but if all else fails I hear ‘Curious George Goes to a Costume Party’ is supposed to be a pretty thrilling read. Have fun reading and good luck!

Taylor-Louise Rowley


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