We all love the concept of a good old candy overload during the Halloween period, but for some of us, such as myself, toffee apples can be a nightmare for sore, and potentially loose teeth. So, I decided to make a few alternative candy apples, which are just as delicious, and a little easier for you to bite into!

All you’ll need is a few apples, mine were a bowl for a £1 from Leicester Market, perfect for students on a budget. You will also need a few sticks, which can be purchased from Wilkinsons or Poundland, or like me you could go for pencils! And then you’ll need your sugar rush treats, for these recipes you’ll need Nutella, popcorn, oreos, white chocolate, honey and cinnamon biscuits (don’t fear if you’re missing a couple of ingredients there’s always an alternative).



 1. Nutella & Popcorn

Take one of the apples, mine were Pink Lady apples but any type will do. With a spoon or a spatula spread a generous amount of Nutella (or alternative melted chocolate bar). Then, stick the popcorn into the spread, holding it down for a few seconds just to ensure it’s going to stay. If you melt chocolate as oppose to using Nutella, do remember to let the chocolate cool a little before letting your apples roll around in it. Then pierce a stick through the bottom of the apple and voila, you’ll have a little gourmet style candy apple to enjoy.

Popcorn choco apple

2. Oreo and White Chocolate

Wanna feel like the Milky Bar Kid on Halloween? Why not treat yourself to a white chocolate apple? All you need to do is melt around 12 squares of chocolate from a treat sized bar, for mine I used Asda’s own white chocolate bar, which was 80p, and still tasted just as great. Once you’ve melted your chocolate, wait for it to cool. Whilst it’s cooling crush the Oreo’s in the twin packet, then open the packet. This will work best if the biscuit is crumb sized. Then you’ll need to spread the white chocolate over the apple, and roll it in the crumbs. This is a little messy, but the result is worth it. Then, leave the apple in the fridge for around ten to fifteen minutes, in order to let the topping settle, because it does have a talent of dripping off. But you’ll end up with a sweet and delicious apple.

white choc and oreo apple

3. Apple Pie Toffee Apple 

What’s just as mouth-watering as a toffee apple? Well, how about an apple pie? For this recipe you’ll need a substance to spread across the apple which is sticky. You can opt for caramel or toffee sauce, but I used honey. Once you’ve covered your apple, get a cinnamon biscuit, such as Biscoff, and crush it in your hands onto the apple. This will give a great crunch to your apple, and will help create that cinnamon sugar effect that apple pies are renowned for. Now you need to heat up the apple, so that its warm enough to taste like an apple pie. You can either plonk it in the over for a few minutes, or lazily like myself, pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, just so it’s warm enough to enjoy. If you’re feeling super self-loving, why not accompany it with a little dollop of custard? The final step is for you to take a bite and enjoy what a few minutes’ worth of preparation achieved!

honey + cinammon apple

All these apples are quick and easy to follow, and are perfect for treating (or tricking) your Halloween party guests. Let us know what you think, or what you would decorate your apples with in the comments below.

Happy Halloween from TeaBreak!


Aimee Costa