Witch hehe Halloween song will you include in your playlist?

The house has been suitably decorated with cob webs, your outfit in on point and you have stocked up on sweets for the trick or treaters. But what about ear candy? Not to worry, this creepy countdown will have even the dead boogie-ing in their graves…

1. Thriller- Michael Jackson

Move all of the living room furniture out of the way and get practicing the walk!

2. Monster Mash- Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett

The only scary thing about this funky song is the fact you will busting out some Mum dancing.

3. The Time Warp- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This iconic number will have even those petrified of dancing up on their feet!

 4. Ghostbusters- Ray Parker

Who ya gunna call? Probably a taxi for your drunk mate.

5. Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

This number will be sure to send shivers down your spine!

 6. Wuthering Heights- Kate Bush

The notes you will try and reach whilst singing this song will bring anyone back to life!

7. Hunting For Witches – Bloc Party

This will have the hipster ghost crashing your party.

8. Monster- Lady GaGa

Perfect for any friend who is going through a break up!

9. Dracula- Gorillaz

With a more chilled vibe this tune is perfect for when you want vampires to start returning to their coffins.

10. Baby- Justin Bieber

This will be sure to scare anyone off!

Eleanor Woulfe   


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