Halloween is just over a week away, so what better way to get into spirit (geddit?) then by watching your favourite scary/Halloween themed films, playing your favourite horror video games and by downloading some awesome Halloween themed apps?
I’ve decided to have a little hunt through the Google Play app store to see what I can ‘dig up’.

1. GhostPhoto – Ghost Scary Prank: Halloween

There are quite a few Ghost Photo editors on the Google Play store from what I could see and I did give a couple of them ago but this one I found the most fun produced the best effects! I tried to scare my girlfriend with this one.



Click here for GhostPhoto.

Just snap a picture – or choose one from your gallery already – and start adding your ghosts. I found that to make it look a bit more authentic, you make them a little bit more transparent and ghost like. Just tap on the Hammer and Spanner settings button at the bottom and it’ll give you the option to change the size and transparency of your friendly (or not so friendly) ghost!

2. ZombieBooth 2

Have you ever wanted to be a zombie? Nope, me neither. But this app lets you do it regardless! So why not?


Click here for ZombieBooth 2.

All you have to do it let the app take a picture of you, make sure it lines up your eyes and your mouth correctly, and you’ll have your very own animated zombie version of you in the palm of your hand. Weird.

Note: this app does have sound effects that scared the crap out of me. I wasn’t expecting Zombie Ben to start moaning at me.

3. Trick or Tracker


Click here for Trick or Tracker.

I found this app by accident on the Google Play store. This is one for the parents out there: Trick or Tracker lets parents track their children easily whilst they’re out trick or treating. It also lets children find their parents on a map using the accompanying app.

Handy app feature: Trick or Tracker has a flashlight function.

4. Creepy Tales


Click here for Creepy Tales.

Nothing makes Halloween quite so much fun as being able scare my friends in one way or another. This handy app is ‘a collection of short stories, tales and urban legends designed to disturb and scare the reader.’ Well this reader was spooked out, that’s for sure.

5. Live (or Dead) Wallpapers and Spooky Soundboards

Click here for Wallpapers and here for Soundboards.



Soundboards are also very simple to use apps that play sound effects. This kind of thing is great, if you’re telling a story and want to add that dynamic to it, or if you just want to creep out a housemate. I recommend the Halloween Soundboard or the Horror Halloween Soundboard!

Drop me a comment below or send me a tweet if you’ve got any spooky apps that you know that you think should have been on the list!

Stay spooky everyone! ❤


Ben Howgill