It’s 12:01am. I’m sat in the dark, the only light in the room is coming from my computer monitor. This is me right now.



That’s because I’m replaying Slender: The Eight Pages.

For those of you who completely missed out on the Slender hype, it was an independently developed horror video game released June 2012.

This video gives a short glimpse of the game:

So, what makes it scary, I hear you ask? Well, for starters it’s got FREAKIN’ SLENDERMAN!



The game is simple. You’re lost in the woods. It’s dark. You’ve got a flashlight with finite battery life. You’ve got to find 8 pages before he catches you. It’s okay though, because he can teleport.

He’ll usually show up behind you so turning around is a terrible idea and every time you do, he’ll get closer. The closer he gets, the more insane and the more your view goes all static-y until you eventually die.



What makes this game so scary is the very tense atmosphere. Whenever I load up the game, I feel like my heart’s going at about 100mph. It’s the very idea he could actually be behind me, watching me. *shudders*

Okay, I lied. I only found one page before resorting to quitting. So I got my housemate to play it in my place. She found three pages before he appeared in front of us, we both screamed and dived onto the floor.

If you’re looking for something to kick start your adrenaline system, you can play this version of Slender for free by clicking here!

Slenderman has virtually become an urban legend; a household horror story. The makers have even produced a sequel, Slender: The Arrival that was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 and is making its way to next gen (current gen?) consoles soonish.

Slender: The Arrival boasts better graphics, more scary moments and a bigger area to explore.

NOTE: this trailer made me literally jump out my seat, you’ve been warned.


Ben Howgill