It’s not long to go now! For anyone who is stuck on ideas for what to dress up as this year, (or for anyone who is terribly disorganised like me), there are fortunately some great shops in Leicester to get your Halloween costume from.

Halloween on 31st Street: In Highcross, next to McDonalds, 31st Street is a shop that sells many things you may require to celebrate this spooky occasion. If you want the ultimate Halloween costume this year then this is certainly a place to be considered. It sells costumes for men, women and kids, homely decorations, make-up and trick or treat bags. Whatever you’re planning to do this Halloween, I’m certain this shop will have it!


Accessorise: Perhaps all you need are a few things to go with your outfit? If this is the case, I recommend looking in Accessorise, they have some cute items at good prices! Such as cat ears, tails, earrings and necklaces. Much more too, go have a look!

Claire’s: Similar to Accessorise, if you only need a few pieces to go with your outfit, this is another useful shop. Claire’s also sell tutu’s which look amazing, and tattoo chokers which are really cool.

H&M: Another place to get cat ears! But what if you don’t particularly want to dress up as a specific figure for Halloween? H&M actually sell Halloween themed clothes, so you’ll still feel a part of Halloween without actually having to get all dressed up!

Primark: Primark have really good nail art ideas! Check this out for some serious nail inspo here!
Primark also sell Halloween clothes so try checking out some of their stuff! Primark is especially good if you are trying not to spend too much!

Top Girl: In the Haymarket shopping centre, this shop is another which will sell most things needed to celebrate Halloween. Whether you are searching for fictional character costumes, different coloured contact lenses, make up, wings and masks, they will most likely have it!


Poundland: Poundland sell cheap masks, make up and decorations to put up. Great if you are looking not to spend a lot of money!

Charity shops: Charity shops in Leicester are also selling Halloween costumes, they are being displayed in their windows, and they look fabulous, so why not try it? Charity Shops include Oxfam, Cancer Research, Age UK, The British Heart foundation and many more!

Have fun shopping and happy Halloween!


Claire McGowan