Ways to Decorate Your Student Home This Halloween

Brace yourselves, saints and sinners! Halloween is upon us and there is much to do! With less than  24 hours to go till Halloween, a lot of us can sure feel the excitement building up. Preparing for trick or treaters and sorting out fancy dresses and costumes is probably on your list of things to do (of course, aside from other priorities), but first, let’s talk Halloween decorations!

Now, I know quite a lot of people who never really made a big deal out of Halloween celebrations, including yours truly. However, it seems that downplaying this one night is almost impossible to do in uni where we see flyers after flyers hyping up Halloween events and offers! Understanding that the majority of us are on a budget, we can’t afford to splurge too much on props that will only be used for just one night, or one week. So, here is a list of DIYs and bargains to spice up your student homes or flats for this spooky festive season without going overboard on costs.

  • Hand in a Pot
    For this, we’ll be taking a more cannibalistic nature with thisone! Novelty severed limbs can be found in stores or even on eBay/Amazon for just under a fiver. You can display it on its own by leaving it on table tops or counter tops with a few drops fake blood around the area or make things more interesting by putting it in one of your pots as if you’re cooking something nasty! Any Walking Dead fans out there??
    (Severed hand; Amazon.co.uk)

severed hand decoration


  • Spooky Silhouettes
    This has got to be one of the easiest decorations you can try this Halloween. All you have to do is grab a black crafting paper of any size, outline the chilling figure that you would like to display (i.e sharp claws, a man hanging from a noose?), then cut out the outline with sharp scissors. Fold small pieces of clear sellotape outwards and stick them on the edges of the cut-out, then stick the cut-out on your window.On the other, if you’re not much of a DIY type of person, don’t sweat it. You won’t miss out at all as shops sell window silhouettes of many designs for as little as £2! (window silhouette from Amazon)

halloween silhouttes


  • Hanging Ghosts
    Not like Casper the friendly ghost, but more like the ghost of Christmas yet to come (who kind of look like the Grim Reaper). Hanging these near the front door or by your windows can make any passers-by take a double look with wide eyed disbelief. I found some hanging ghosts from Wilkinson for just a fiver and another bunch (even more scary-looking) for £10. Alternatively, if you’re up for the challenge, try making your own using balloons, PVC glue, tablecloth or a cheese cloth and strings! It’s super easy to do.Simply blow up a balloon and tie up the opening. Attach the string to the end of the balloon. Now cut your cloth to the size that you want and make a small hole in the centre to loop the string through. Grab a sharpie and draw a scary face on the cloth. You can pin or tie up the hanging end of the cloth to further create shape to your ghost.
    (Hanging ghost prop; Wilkinson)

hanging ghosts


  • Pumpkins
    If you’re celebrating Halloween and you don’t have a single pumpkin of any sort, you’re not doing it right! Pumpkins have become a traditional icon for Halloween so displaying one or two at home is a must. Carving your own design to your own pumpkin can be so fun especially when done with your group of friends. Go crazy with it! Although, whoever said you can only use real pumpkins? Finding novelty pumpkins is easy and buying one may just be more practical, less messy and a lot cheaper! These spooktacular bunch deserve a special place on the centre of your coffee table or by the front door waiting to greet whoever dares to visit.
    (Novelty pumpkins from Wilkinson)

novelty pumpkins

  • Creepy Crawlies
    To those of you who shriek at the sight of a spider or other insects, this may not be so appealing to you but guaranteethat it will add a touch of scare in your houses or flats this Halloween. You can easily find packets of creepy crawlies anywhere including your local supermarket, Wilkinson and in any toy stores. Place these crawlies in plain sight, i.e on top of the TV or on the doors and walls using Blu-tack or a double sided tape. If this seems too plain for you, try adding black strings to the mix to create a web! (Spider web; Poundland)

spider web decorations


  • Enchanting Floating Candles
    This cool idea was, in fact, inspired by Hogwarts’ Great Hall floating lights from Harry Potter! You can place these in your living room, bedroom or dining room. Making these bunch may seem tricky but the end results will have you staring in awe if done right! To do this, you’d need battery operated tea lights, used up tissue rolls, white or clear strings, white tack, clear tape or drawing pins, plain white paper and glue.First, cover the tissue rolls with plain paper and glue them to stick. If the paper’s too big for the tissue roll, simply fold the excess bits in to the roll, no cutting needed. Make 4 small holes around one end of the roll, about 2cm from the top- this is where you’ll insert the strings to then stick on the ceiling. Add the tea light on that end of the roll. Even if the light is too small for the roll, the intersecting strings should hold it up and you won’t need to worry about it falling. Now, tie the loose ends of the strings together and pin it on the ceiling with a drawing pin. You can also use tack or tape. Voila!

floating candles hp



  • Potions and Deadly Drinks
    Don’t throw away those empty JD and Vodka bottles just yet! Remove the labels off the bottle if you can, if not that’s okay. Make a label, perhaps a WARNING! or BLOOD WINE? Get creative! Burn the edges of the label or stain them with used wet tea bags. Next, fill the bottles with water and add food colouring, ideally a thick red. Put the lid on and, if you like, wrap a yarn or a cotton string around the neck of the bottle up to the lid and secure it by tying a knot. You can also add brown tag labels to your potion and blood bottles to add to the details.


  • Halloween Banners
    Lastly, sometimes simplicity is key. Maybe you’re not really that in to celebrating the night of the dead or having ghastly scenes set in your house but would still like to join in to the festive spirit. Just hang a HAPPY HALLOWEEN banner either by the fireplace (provided that you have one), on the wall or even on your doors and windows. It’s not that elaborate or fancy but it’s a simple statement that you’re ready for Halloween!

happy halloween banner

These are just some of the many ideas around for livening up your homes this Halloween. Get creative and have fun! Just because we’re celebrating the night of the dead (dun dun dun!) doesn’t mean we have to act like one. Decorating can be so much more fun when done with friends so have a laugh. That being said, happy Halloween!!!

Jana Oliveros