I know, I know, I’m late to the party. Suits is already four seasons deep and has been renewed for a fifth next summer, however, the show is brand new to me and so I’m sure there are some others out there who haven’t taken the plunge yet, and I have news for you, you should.

Suits, an American television show that centers around two men working in a law firm, sounds terribly boring at first mention. I’ll admit that I heard about it and said, “Lawyers? I’ll pass,” upon further review, however, I’m in love.

First, you have Harvey Spector, a highly successful senior partner who is basically the Jack Sparrow of law. He’s arrogant – but for a reason – he’s not used to losing. You will often be confused as to whether you want to punch his face or kiss it instead. Sometimes you’ll want to do both.


Pair Harvey with Mike, his new associate, a young guy with a rough start trying to turn his life around, who can remember anything he’s studied (I know this makes him sound like the antagonist, but you’ll like him, I promise!). He is a character you can root for since he is an underdog with a moral compass (obviously he’s fictional, lawyers with moral compasses don’t exist). You will often be confused as to whether you want to give him a hug or have him take a test for you. Sometimes you’ll want to do both.


The rapport between Harvey and Mike is wonderful and their relationship is one of the best “bromances” I’ve ever seen.


Fake shooting each other – what are we twelve? (please don’t stop).


Pounding each other? Even better (Should I re-word that?).

There are other characters you will fall in love with including:

Louis, a junior partner at the firm, who can come off as petty and annoying – but let’s face it, we all would be if we had to be the Norrington to Spector’s Sparrow. Besides he can be quite the source of comedic relief.

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Donna, Harvey’s secretary, is a smart lady with a quick mouth and a sharp tongue. She doesn’t take crap from anyone.


Rachel, a paralegal at the firm, is another strong female character (can I get an amen?) who dreams of being a lawyer one day.


Jessica, the managing partner at the firm (aka THE boss), calls all the major shots which is very exciting – not just because we have a woman of colour as the top dog – but because she is intelligent, powerful, and – wait for it – humanized through her soft side. Two GIANT thumbs up for a lady boss who isn’t depicted as a ball-crushing robot!


So watch seasons one and two on Netflix now! Get ready to be bombarded with self-hatred as you become a useless member of society and fall behind on all of your work because all you do now is watch Suits. Join me in my misery!



Kat Stubing


Header image: http://vietnamsatellite.com/suits-usa-network.html