Liz Earle Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit – John Lewis – £14.75

(You can also purchase this at Boots Fosse Park.)

After years of suffering with acne which has resulted in acne blemishes/scarring, I am very cautious on using products on my sensitive skin. Upon hearing a lot about the Liz Earle products, I went to John Lewis to check it out and purchased it. This lovely product had come with a cleanser 100 ml, 2 Muslin cloths and a travel size zip up bag, which I love because I can take it with me whenever I go away for the weekend.

The hot cloth cleanser is suitable for all skin types and aims to gently remove any makeup or daily grime to leave skin clear smooth and exceptionally clean. It contains naturally active ingredients including cocoa butter to smooth, soften and moisturise, rosemary, chamomile, hops and eucalyptus to tone, soothe and purify.



I love the fact it has a dispenser pump rather than open top as it ensures hygiene and you can simply pump out how much you desire; so it won’t become messy and you won’t have product all over your lid like most cleansers. Yes its alluring and screams at you to pick it from the top of your vanity, however a con I would have to say is you don’t know how much of the product is remaining until its finished. Another point I would say is that it’s quite bulky for 100ml, but I guess that’s because it’s a higher end product and it wants to give that image across compared to high street cleansers.

Consistency / Texture

Strangely, this doesn’t have the typical cleanser/face wash feel to it like others you may have. This has a more of a creamy thick feel rather than a runny one. I love this because it enables you to really massage the product into the skin ensuring it does seep in, allowing the product to work its magic! It has a slight minty luxurious spa-like smell that some of you might not like, however the scent isn’t too powerful, and I found you can’t tell after consistent use.


The idea of this cleanser is that you can go straight in with a full face of makeup and it will remove all of it off, leaving your face feeling clean and smooth. Personally I first take off all my makeup using a wipe and then use about one pump of the cleanser then start massaging and working it all into my skin. I even go over my eyes because it’s very gentle and won’t sting because of it’s thick consistency.

After applying it on my face, I realised that it does soak in and I couldn’t feel any weight of it on my skin. I allow the hot water to run and wait around 30 seconds to a minute to allow the product to sink in and take affect. Then, I wipe it off with the muslin cloth provided. The muslin cloths are very mildly rough in texture which gives a light exfoliation of the skin.

As it’s slightly expensive for its size I was stingy as to how much went on my face. This is why I found taking off my makeup with a wipe first allows the product to really cleanse my skin rather than the foundation I have on! Do ensure you have enough coverage for the product to actually work its magic though.

How to use, taken from the Liz Earle website:

Step 1: Massage one or two pumps onto dry skin over face and neck twice a day.

Step 2: Rinse the pure muslin cloth in hand-hot water and wring out before gently wiping off the cream. Rinse and repeat.

Step 3: Splash face with cool, clean water and follow with Instant Boost Skin Tonic and your choice of moisturiser.


I have been using it for a month now and I can honestly say that I LOVE IT! My face feels so clean, soft and smooth. You will be surprised how much daily grime and makeup comes off your skin that a normal wipe alone cannot take off! Before using Liz Earle cleanser I used Nivea’s Cleansing Lotion, which is a great alternative and would also recommend if you don’t fancy splashing out for Liz Earle.

It is a skincare splurge, but as I always say, Skincare comes first! I find it is so much better than using face wipes alone; without doubt I have got my money’s worth. If you are considering buying this then I would suggest you use it for over a month to see the real effect.

It isn’t a magical cleanser that will get rid of all your skincare worries, nothing can, but it does give effective results within a week and overtime with continuing use as its super high quality. As with everything you won’t get an instant result overnight! This would be a lovely gift as it caters for all skin types and I 100% recommend it. I certainly will be repurchasing this little beauty.

Before you all buy this upon my recommendation please read more reviews to get a general feel of how it’s worked for others! Some have said it broke them out a lot whereas others like myself haven’t experienced any downsides.

Hope that’s cleared everything up, my face certainly has, *yassss*


Khushpreet Kooner