In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the teen fiction turned filmed story of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster, ‘The Fault in Our Stars.’ For the hours of tears we’ve spent wallowing over the book and film we have John Green to thank and now that TFIOS is available on DVD, we thought we’d give you a little how to watch the film, so that maybe the size of your infinity of sadness can be the same as ours!

1. Purchase The Fault in Our Stars

The DVD is now available to buy in all good retailers. If you purchase the film from Sainsbury’s you can receive an exclusive ‘infinity bracelet,’ which you can proudly wear to display your status as a nerdfighter as well as a victim to Gus and Hazel’s story.



2. Lots of snacks

Be aware that for the next few hours, and potentially weeks and months, you’re going to have an overwhelming sensation to eat your feelings. Popcorn will not bite this hunger, you’ll need comfort foods i.e tortilla chips, chocolate, gummy bears. Alcohol may also be needed!


3. Insert the DVD

Sit back, relax, stock up on tissues and prepare for what is both the best teen romance and saddest teen film your tiny eyes will ever see.


4. Cry. Cry. Cry

Congratulations, you’ve just unlocked your emo stage for the next 6-12 months. Be prepared to ugly cry. Cry when you’re happy, cry when you’re broken by the narrative, just make sure you let it out, even if you end up using your last loo roll to dry the tears you spill over yourself.



5. Listen to the soundtrack

If you feel like you’re in your own drama film, then why not download or stream for free on Spotify the TFIOS soundtrack? Let Birdy, Charli XCX, Ed Sheeran and Jake Bugg take you back to where it all began, so that you can relive and re-experience the trauma and heartache of Gus’ and Hazel’s lives.



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