Let the games begin!

J-Law, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth are back and ready to bring the latest installment in The Hunger Games series to our screens. On Monday November 10th, the cast of Mockingjay dazzled the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square, fuelling the buzz for the film which hits cinemas next Thursday.

Jennifer Lawrence, who portrays the films protagonist Katniss Everdeen, signed autographs for fans who had queued in the winter weather, and addressed the dedication of the teen novel turned films fans, telling reporters “it’s amazing to see so many fans here.”

Hunger Games

Alongside Jennifer on the red carpet was teen music sensation Lorde, who was given the role of curating and writing the music for the soundtrack accompanying the dystopian blockbuster. Her track Yellow Flicker Beat is the official theme song for Mockingjay.

Mockingjay, which is the third and final novel in the book series, has been split in two, much like previous adaptations such as the last installments of the Harry Potter and Twilight series. Part One follows Katniss after her escape from the third quarter quell, and her journey into becoming the symbol of hope for Panem, whilst her usual partner in events Peeta, has been tortured and is being used by the Capitol.

Whilst Part Two of Mockingjay is set for release next year, it’s also been announced that Lionsgate, along with the Dutch media Imagine Nation and the American Triangular Entertainment, are planning a live version of the film for London, which is set to hit the UK in 2016!

Catch Mockingjay Part One in cinemas from November 21st :

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