So, turns out that I was broken up with in one of the most common periods of the year. I feel some kind of consolation there I guess knowing that I’m not alone I suppose.




Anyway, the purpose of this article is not to make you burst into tears and crawl into a duvet igloo, but to make you realise that everyone goes through pretty much the same thing when the go through a break-up. Break-ups are definitely not for the faint-hearted, they really are horrible, but learn from them, move on and be fabulous!



1.EVERYTHING will remind you of them

This is perfectly normal. You shared your life with someone, so naturally you did stuff together that created memories. However, you need to learn to do things for yourself now. Do whatever makes you happy. For me that means watching Pretty Little Liars, spending time with my family, painting my nails and retail therapy. Do what makes you happy, so then you can heal, move on and become happy by yourself. Something that I thought of that helped me was thinking “hey, we used to breathe together, and I can do that by myself, so I can do loads of other things by myself and be fine”.


2.You’ll go through a whole spectrum of emotions… and that’s ok

Of course you’ll cry, be angry, be sad, and that’s completely fine. Do what you need to do to get it out of your system. If you’re one of those people that throws stuff at walls, just make sure you don’t throw anything expensive, make sure it’s soft and it’s not your fist. I’ve never punched a hole in a wall, but I’m pretty sure it’d hurt like hell and fixing it would be really difficult. Definitely not worth it!



3.You realise who your real friends are

Obviously, you’ll look to your support network to help you, and it’ll help loads! Other people’s perspectives will give you clarity in a way that you could never give yourself. Speaking to different people will help give you loads of different viewpoints that will massively contribute to you feeling better. Some people who aren’t there when you need them aren’t worth keeping in your life, so don’t.






4.You’ll feel better every day

Getting out of the house every day and putting on make-up helped me. I figured, if I was going to feel like shit, I might as well look good. I also managed to really improve my eyebrow game, and that brought me a strangely large amount of happiness. Weird I know.



5.Think of all the things you’ve got to look forward to

Someone who is married reminded me that they’ll never meet someone new and get that feeling of butterflies-in-your-stomach, so-excited-you-can’t-eat, goofy glow of excitement from meeting a new partner, but I will. And so will you. I adore that feeling. It’s amazing, and the thought of that is definitely something to look forward to.




6.You’re scared of becoming Bridget Jones, and then you realise she found Mr Darcy. Where’s my Mr Darcy?

hello giggles


7.You’ll learn invaluable life lessons for the future

You should never regret a relationship if you learn from it. When you’re with someone, you should enjoy that time you spent together, but it’s ended for a reason, so in the words of ‘We’re the Millers’: No Ragrets



And some great post break-up songs from ladies that have gone through very public break-ups (very grateful I’m not a celebrity):

Ciara ft Nicki Minaj – I’m Out

Katy Perry – Roar

And of course, Taylor Swift – Blank Space



Natasha Lane



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