Monday night is ‘Made in Chelsea’ (MIC) night. It has become a sort of ritual that every Monday at around 9pm, a few friends and I would all sit in the living room with our choice of beverage and some snacks to watch the ultra-fabulous Made in Chelsea.

For those of you who may not know, MIC is a scripted reality TV show about posh 20somethings and their daily dramas, aired on E4. It’s an entertaining show and I’ll admit that it’s a much appreciated bonus seeing eye-candies on screen like Proudlock and Alex Mytton! The show is filled with hilarious antics from Jamie and co, infidelity, rumours, friendship fall-outs, glamorous parties and the super extravagant Mark Francis (who never knew of or what Nando’s was until the show!). As well as entertaining, I noticed that the show actually teaches some basic rules for a lasting relationship, friends or intimate.

  1. Any lie will catch up to you (and throw alcohol on your face!)
    Okay, we’re not saints. A little white lie may be acceptable, but remember that the big ones, no matter how good you are at hiding secrets, will eventually come out… and the aftermath is almost always worse than if you had just come out with the truth in the first place.

    MIC champaign

  2. Never get back with your exes.
    Lucy Watson, one of my favourite people from the show, is a strong advocate of this rule and rightly so. They’re exes for a reason, people!

MIC Lucy Brown

  1. If you’re not ready to commit to one person, don’t pursue them.
    You’ll only hurt, or at least disappoint, the other person and you’ll look like an utter dick to their friends.

    MIC tweet

  1. Falling out with one of your closest friends is, in fact, inevitable.
    Sorry about that… heartbreaks aren’t all because of a bad romance.

    MIC friends

  1. True friends will always have your back…
    (even if sometimes it seems like they’re attacking you.)
    You may be friends with someone who’s more forward and direct, and often their advice and support comes across as them attacking you when you’re down. They mean well, even if they’re not handing you frosting-smothered cupcakes.

    MIC friends hugging

  2. Let go of toxic friends; no space for two-faces and backstabbers!
    If you dislike a person, then dislike them openly. Don’t act nice in front of them and talk trash about them behind their backs. That is one way to gain some major douchebag points!

    MIC up in my grill

  3. Dust off and laugh about issues that won’t matter in a month
    One of the culprits for friendship mortality rate (hehe! Inside joke) is how we sometimes refuse to just let go of petty arguments. At the end of the day, your issues would seem small and you’ll remember why you’re friends to begin with. Wouldn’t it be better if we can just see how ridiculous fights are and laugh it off?

    MIC group selfie

So there are some things I’ve noted from watching Made in Chelsea. Seen MIC? What other ‘lessons’ do you think should be on the list and how many of the things mentioned here would you agree on? Feel free to comment! Thanks for reading!

Jana Oliveros
Twitter: @heyjmae