I’ve decided to compile a list of things that will only be understood by those who are very bookish people. Enjoy!

Someone asks what your favourite book is and expects you to just pick one.

Lets be honest I’ll end up spending an hour just trying to think of an answer and just end up rambling about all books that I’m loving.


Someone interrupts you while you’re reading.

Why? Can you not see the book in my hands? Can you not see my eyes running furiously over the page trying to take it all in at once? If you’re debating whether its pressing enough to interrupt someone reading, its probably not and would be best if you just backed away slowly.

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When the movies get it wrong.

YOU HAD ONE JOB PEOPLE! Why can we not just collectively decide that movies adapted from books should be more like 9 hours long just so that we can see every beautiful detail on the screen? Not gonna lie, I’d be up for it.


You’re favourite character has just died.

It’s okay to feel a little depressed. It’s okay if you feel like you need to put the book down and take a breather. Take a moment for you fallen best friend. Breath. Open the book, read on with tear filled eyes.

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When a book you love has harsh reviews.

I will defend any book I love till my last breath; I will go blue in the face screaming that you just don’t understand. But then realize that everyone has an opinion, (granted maybe a stupid one) so smile and nod politely like you’re listening when really you’re pounding them to the floor in your head.



People that think its okay to spoil you.

It does not matter if I was going to read it anyway or if you don’t think I would have liked how it ended so you thought you would save me the agro. No, it’s my book, I’ll read it and I will be gripped by every page, if you spoil me this will not happen and I may throw the conveniently large book in my hand at your head.


Anxiety over lending out books.

I hardly ever lend out books, not because I don’t trust people to look after them, but it’s just that if I get it back and there’s the tiniest of rips in the dust jacket or the slightest bend in a page, I might die, okay?

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Trying to decide between waiting for the whole series to be complete so you can marathon it or reading the books that have been released so far and waiting for what feels like years for the next one.

I tend to opt for the first, I much prefer to marathon books so that I can remain in that world undisturbed and fully enjoy all the characters and the plot at once, however when you have very pretty books sitting on your shelf, very quietly calling your name, its extremely hard to resist. (This tends to mean that I cave and read them and then spend the next year crying for the next book)


Trying to find a comfortable reading position.

Chair or bed? Sitting in bed or laying down? Side, back, or front? Or maybe laying on the floor, or maybe sitting upside down on this chair would suit me better?



Walking and reading at the same time = Olympic sport.

This is very difficult, do not attempt unless you have very good hand-eye coordination and good reflexes.



Deciding after the series is complete that you want to release it with a new cover scheme, that’s cool I don’t mind. But, who on this earth thought it would be a good idea to release 3 books in a series with one cover and then the remaining books with a could-not-be-any-more-different cover. Can you please not.


Deciding which book to take away with you is like choosing a favourite child.

I do not have children but I imagine that is what it feels like. You should never pick one, pick at least three and then when you get to your destination remember which book would have been the best to bring with you and spend the rest of your time wishing you had that one book while reading the three books you do have.


Constantly having to rethink your bookshelf strategy.

Colour coordinate, shelf by publication date, or maybe you should alphabetize by author surname and then book title?


You may or may not own two or three (or four or five) copies of a beloved book.

Its okay if you have the urge to rebuy a favourite book because they redesigned the cover, or if they released a limited edition hardback, or if you find a pocket edition in the charity shop, buy them all and display them all proudly. (Oh me? I think I have 5 different editions of The Great Gatsby!)

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You have an out of control TBR and know it.

There’s a huge difference between having an out of control TBR pile and leaving it and having it and knowing that you do. That means you know full well how many books you have in your to be read pile and you are knowingly adding to it. I’m not sure how, but I’m pretty sure that makes it better.


When someone asks what you’re reading and you have at least four answers.

The conversation would typically go like this:

‘You: So Taylor what book are you currently reading?

Me: Well, I’m currently reading the last book in this series, but I brought a new book the other day and decided to start that yesterday, and then there’s that book I started ages ago and decided to finish that I picked up today, oh and don’t forget that autobiography I picked up last week.’



So there you have it! Let me know down below if you agree with these, or there’s something you thought I’d left off the list!

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