‘Christmas is for sharing’ – a message instilled to us by our parents, teachers, grandparents and now Sainsbury’s! Their new Christmas advert is all about sharing and it’s bursting with Christmas spirit.

Made in partnership with the Royal British Legion it is a beautiful tribute to the extraordinary event that happened on Christmas day 1914, 100 years ago – the Christmas Truce.

The advert tells the story of when the guns fell silent and soldiers, British and German, met in ‘No Mans Land’ to exchange food, drink, gifts and play a game of football.

The well known Christmas carol Silent Night, or Stille Nacht for German troops, is sang at the beginning of the advert (in both languages!) and it is hauntingly beautiful. Coupled with the ever so authentic scenery and costumes, it really makes for a realistic portrayal of the event.

It is obvious that a lot of effort and time went into the making of this advert, and it has really paid off. The advert commemorates the event beautifully and with the help from the Royal British Legion everything in the advert is historically correct, right down to the biscuits the soldier is eating!

If you’re yet to see the advert then I urge you to take a look, it’ll definitely get you in the Christmas spirit! Its completely different to any advert I’ve seen and gives little Monty from John Lewis a run for his money!

(And on a little side note, if you enjoy the advert then check out the play ‘Oh What A Lovely War!’. It is being put on at the Curve and has a scene that reminded me of this advert! If you enjoy historical, war based plays and musicals (yes its a musical, its great) then this is the play for you!)

Lucy Mugford

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