McFly have made some great tunes over the years. They were a big part of my childhood playlist with their first couple of albums and making utter classics ‘Five Colours in Her Hair’ and ‘Obviously’. More recently, they’ve (mostly) got rid of the adolescence attitude (and haircuts) towards writing songs and making music in favour of a more mature feel. The last album they released ‘Above the Noise’ was in 2010 and it wasn’t received massively well but it had a few memorable songs such as ‘Shine A Light’ featuring Taio Cruz. After that, the only release they have under their belts is ‘Memory Lane’: a Greatest Hits compilation with only a couple of new songs to show for it.

Until now.

The boys have joined with ex-teen heartthrobs James Bourne and Matt Willis; better known as those two guys from Busted that aren’t Charlie Simpson.

When Busted broke up early 2005 because Simpson decided to front a band called Fightstar, Matt and James went away and did their own things: solo careers, a stint on EastEnders, and Musicals and such.

McBusted was spiritually formed when Matt and James joined McFly on stage during their tenth anniversary. Shortly after in November 2013, Matt and James announced they would join Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry under the name McBusted and do an eleven date arena tour in 2014.

I went to this particular arena tour and it was fantastic! I was always more a McFly fan so was happy they played all the classic McFly songs as well as bringing back all the classic Busted tunes, ‘Air Hostess’, ‘Crashed the Wedding’, ’Thunderbirds’ and ‘Year 3000’. They six piece put on a great show and they work brilliantly together.

Shortly after this, they announced that they were writing all new content for a brand new album. As a McFly fan, this meant that all the stuff that McFly was writing for their next album was put on a back burner but beggars can’t be choosers.

The first single to come from this joint album: Air Guitar.

Yeah, they went for a light hearted, jump-around-and-make-noise approach which is great if I felt like it went anywhere. Sure, the lads from Busted might be trying to get back ‘that pop-punky Busted feeling’ by putting in hot girls and skateboards but I know that Mcfly (especially more recently) can write waaaayyy better songs.

Unfortunately, the whole album sort of follows suit. I’m really unsure if I like it. Listening to the album over and over trying to form a solid opinion. I really want to like it!

Sometimes it’s a childish mess of noise:

Other times, I feel like they have put some thought into this:


What are your thoughts? If you were a Busted fan, have they delivered a solid spiritual successor to the Busted of old?
McFly fans; what do you think to the side-track into McBusted land or do you wish that McBusted was a one tour thing and they just hurried up and released their next album?

Ben Howgill 


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