This is the dreaded time of year, for many, where days pass with your nose in numerous books, you become great friends with the library security guard, and you consume a month’s worth of chocolate in just one sitting. If like me you’ve spent what seems like an eternity in front of your laptop, then your usual study playlist can become a little old and in need of refreshment. For this reason I have compiled a list of study-appropriate songs by some more alternative and less-known artists to keep your reluctant feet dragging through these final few weeks before Christmas- I hope you enjoy:

‘Open Season’, Josef Slavat

When motivation levels are low this is the song you need. It’s a great combination of easy-listening pop which gives your mood an immediate boost.

‘Bout You’, Rainy Milo

There’s something about this song that transports me to a summer afternoon spent lying on the grass with a beer in my hand, which during this time of year is never a bad thing! Reminiscent of the sounds of Amy Winehouse, Rainy Milo’s mellow jazz is still upbeat enough to keep you awake and powering through.

‘Vienna’, Matt Costa

Matt Costa’s ‘Vienna’ is such an easy-listening acoustic track. It will never distract from your work because of its soft and gentle sound, but yet it still remains better than just ‘background music’.

‘You’re Gonna Miss Your Candyman’, Terry Callier

I’m taking you back to the 70’s with this soulful number. It combines all the best of American Jazz and Soul, gets your foot tapping, and makes you feel as if you could defeat any obstacle!

‘No Room for Doubt’, Lianne Le Havas ft. Willy Mason

Lianne Le Havas’s music has always been perfect for gentle relaxing music, but this track with Willy Mason is one of my favourites. Their voices complement each other beautifully, whilst the subtle acoustic in the background makes fantastic study music.

‘Islands’, The XX

I never grow tired of Romy Madley Croft’s (what a bizarre name?!) and Jamie Smith’s voices which seem to fit so brilliantly in this track. Perfect for serious listening or background listening- this album is good to try out (studying or not).

‘River’, Ibeyi

I have only recently discovered these beautiful French/Cuban twin sisters. Interestingly they don’t only sing in English but also in a Nigerian language that travelled to Cuba via slavery in the 1700s, adding a tribal beat towards the end of the song. It’s easy-listening and a bit different at the same time- what more could you want?

‘Reflection Eternal’, Nujabes

(Drum Roll) Introducing the super chilled sounds of Nujabes! This beautiful song will de-clutter your mind and relax you from head to toe, while the subtle beat in the background will stop you from nodding off completely. Despite the song consisting of one simple piano melody repeated throughout, it still remains impossible to get bored of.

Victoria Cox