The Joys of Student Christmas Celebrations!

We can FINALLY tuck into our advent calendars, and I’ve already started pencilling Christmas dinners and parties into my diary. But there’s certain things about celebrating this time of year as a student that makes the whole event extra special, occasionally disastrous and always unique!

  1. The house looks like Santa’s grotto from Poundland. No one can resist decking the halls with those cheap and cheerful Christmas decorations!

christmas present surprise gif

  1. Everyone has that one friend who is always too eager to play their favourite Christmas tunes, and you very soon find yourself shimmying in (what you think to be) a seductive way around the house to ‘Santa Baby’.

dancing christmas elves gif

  1. Secret Santa between your friends becomes a competition of who can get the funniest or most outrageous present for a fiver.

hunger games christmas gif

  1. The Christmas movie marathon begins! It’s the only time of year that it is acceptable to watch Elf, which is quite sad because it’s such a great film.

Elf christmas tree gif

  1. In the event of the Student’s Union Christmas party, nearly every girl on campus has donned the classic Little Miss Santa Claus costume (unless you’re friends with people who prefer to take the piss out of themselves, and then you end up going to the party dressed in a make-shift Christmas turkey costume!)

girls santa outfits gif

  1. Culinary skills are put to the test, as you and your friends attempt to cook a Christmas dinner. This usually consists of a blow-out shop at Iceland, a lack of space in the oven, and occasionally the fire alarm accidentally going off. But when the meal is cooked and you all gather around the table, you realise that the mountains of washing-up was completely worth it!

christmas tea party ad gif

  1. Christmas dinners with your friends are a great excuse to wear elasticated bands, eat twice your body-weight in food and have a few too many glasses of booze, without the worry of looking presentable, or even leaving the house for that matter!

christmas cat gif

  1. It’s a great excuse to experiment with festive drink concoctions- Boozy Christmas cocktail anyone?

christmas cocktails gif

  1. Or play silly Christmas drinking games for that matter!

christmas I'm drunk gif

  1. But after all the eating, drinking and partying with your Uni friends is done, you can’t wait to go home for your REAL Christmas dinner cooked by your mum.

marshall hugging cushion gif

Victoria Cox