You’ve been wrapping presents, decorating your flat and your family have sung ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ to you for the last two weeks of term. By now, there’s probably a little BAH HUMBUG in your heart, but if you want to ease yourself into the festive spirit, we’ve got the perfect alternative playlist to get you into the Christmas mood.

1. My Chemical Romance – All I Want For Christmas Is You  

This cover of a Christmas classic probably entered your life during the early years of high school, so why not feel nostalgic whilst sipping on a gingerbread latte, and listen to this superb rock cover of a cheesy Christmas tune?

2. Twisted Sister – Let It Snow

Do you want to start a mosh pit? (Yes, you are meant to sing that in the style of Frozen) well, why not turn up the volume on this ace rock cover and jingle your bells whilst head banging to this Christmas anthem.

3. The Maine ft Brighten – Merry Christmas Baby

Moving away from covers here we have a gorgeous acoustic Christmas song. If you’re returning home to your other half, why not give them this on a playlist as a gift. It’s been one of my favourite Christmas songs, and I’m not ashamed to admit I listen to it year-round. Get your list for Santa sorted whilst listening to this.

4. All Time Low- Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

So, if you’ve had heartbreak this holiday, rather than stick on that Wham classic everyone knows and overplays, why not let out your feelings with this pop punk Christmas song? Stick up your middle finger whilst you pacify the heartache with a candy cane or two!

5. New Found Glory- Nothing for Christmas

Get ready to make snow angels, build snowmen and kiss your lover under the mistletoe with this cute AF Christmas song. It’s the perfect alternative song to sip on mulled wine over whilst reunited with your favourite person over the Christmas Holiday.

Aimée Costa 


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