For us, 2014 has been a year of beginnings, tremendous improvements and incredible events that have been the heart of what we love most about University life. While Tea Break was, in a way, born in 2014, there have been other things that our writers have considered true highlights of a year that has been anything but slow, boring and lame. Check out some of our highlights, and let us know yours!

Anna Landi, Tea Break Editor-in-Chief and Chairperson:

As it’s already been said, Tea Break has been one of my highlights – it goes without saying! But there have been some other things happened in my life or worldwide that I can’t help but think about when I look back on 2014.

A year in gigs:

I love a good concert. I try to go to as many as possible! In fact, over the space of 2 weeks in November, I went to three gigs. I was tired and broke, but it was a great week. The rest of the year was filled with some memorable gigs and of course, Download Festival, which is always an annual highlight.

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A year in Fashion:

I was lucky enough to not only have a great fashion Internship at Roksanda Ilincic over the Summer, but lucky enough to help out at London Fashion Week and go to some amazing fashion events here in Leicester and the Clothes Show in Birmingham. It’s something I love a hell of a lot, and 2014 was a year I got to explore it in more detail.

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My musical highlight:

After my post on how much I simply LOVE Taylor Swift, which you can find here, it goes without saying that her song ‘Blank Space‘ was one of my 2014 musical highlights. While I love Taylor’s country style music, her 1989 album was full of promise – and surely did live up to the hype. This, however, is CLEARLY the best version of this song:



Rachael Atkinson-Milmoor:

My 2014 has been interesting to say the least, a real rollercoaster. But here’s a quick breakdown of my favourite things of this year.

My Year in Music

My year has been great for music this year, especially musical theatre music. Now anyone who knows me just a little bit knows my absolute adoration for theatre. This year has been the year of the musical for me; I’ve discovered new ones and relived the old favourites. Just as a heads up 2015 is set to be more of the same with two planned trips for my 21st birthday (within the space of a week) for two different shows so look out for some possible articles on those. 😉
I’ve really discovered my comfort zone with music and found what I really love and have learned not to be ashamed of that despite what others may think or like themselves.
But in summary I think the best music of this year for me comes in two parts.

  1. Les Miserables Soundtrack: Of any kind whether it be the movie soundtrack, the 10th/25th anniversary soundtrack or a sneaky bootleg of the current cast it’s all beautiful and speaks right to my heart
  2. Uptown Funk: yes I know, major contrast but there’s something about that song that makes me want to dance and have fun and as a rather stubborn non-dancer that is quite an achievement so I think it deserves honourable mention.

My Year in Youtube

I’m slightly addicted to YouTube and it’s not something people really understand. People still think of YouTube as a place for viral videos of goats and pandas sneezing, but as of the last couple of years, it has become an empire of entertainment all to itself. This year I’ve watched people I’ve been watching for the past couple of years turn from those kids in their bedrooms that were so relatable to adults with careers and ‘celebrity’ status, and although it makes me sad, it also makes me proud. I’ve watched people grow and so that’s why it’s one of my favourite things of 2014. It’s also been a community rife with struggle, scandal and some horrible times this year but I’ve seen people rally together and stand up to the terrible things those select few did within their own community. I’m really proud to be part of the YouTube community.

YouTube Rewind 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKx2B8WCQuw

My Year in Opportunities

I don’t take chances. I suffer from anxiety in most situations which prevents me from doing lots of things and for the last two years it has stopped me branching out. But this year? I got two volunteer jobs and joined the society that creates the very site on which you are reading this. Forgive me for getting a little mushy but I want to add in a personal thank you to everyone, not just the executive team but everyone at tea break for giving me something to love and to not be afraid of. Trust me; it’s really changed a lot for me.
If I had a photo of us all I would tell whoever is editing this for me to add it in here but there isn’t but I guess it’s the perfect ending to this article as it symbolises all the open space me and the tea break team have to add to in 2015. So bring it on!



Victoria Cox:

Highlight of my year- The big 2-1

Now, I know what you’re thinking; why would getting older encourage anything more than excessive drinking, followed by a drunken cry with your friends where you wail: “OH GOD, I’M SO OLD!!” followed by some cringe drunken dancing? Well, frankly it did when I turned 20. I was outside the SU, off my rocker, wailing to the heavens that I was so old I would soon need to buy anti-wrinkle cream and a Zimmer frame then dye my roots for all the grey hairs.

But when I turned 21 everything was different. I had long accepted that, hey, my age didn’t end in ‘teen’ anymore… but that was actually a great thing! Being 21 actually isn’t that bad, in fact, now I look back I realise that even though I thought I was all grown up and mature at the age of 19, I was still a kid! It’s amazing how much growing up occurs within the space of 3 years- something that was probably helped by being at Uni.

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I’m not very lucky when it comes to birthday parties. My 19th was a flat party in Newarke Point, where a lad unknown to us at the time passed out whilst standing on our breakfast bar, putting him in hospital for weeks with some serious head injuries. On my 20th we had a Mexican house party, which resulted in some lowly members of the community throwing a beer bottle at our window, and kicking our front door. So as you can imagine, when my 21st came around my flat mates were shaking in their boots as to what disaster was going to occur on this occasion. So I made an executive decision. I took my nearest and dearest friends far away from our student house and from Leicester for that matter, and up to Sheffield where we stayed with my best friend from homes flat and had an intimate (but mental) party up there.

The last thing I remember was being in a club called Players, watching professional dancers twerking and break dancing on stage, and us girls trying to copy them- everything is a bit hazy after that!

Now being 21 is a little scary as you are now officially an adult. But when my birthday came around, some of my family members asked if I felt any different, and the answer was absolutely not. Yes, I think I’m a little bit wiser than I was at 19. I know that you should never drink excessive amounts of Port. That when you got out with your flat mates more than one person should definitely have a front door key. That wearing heels is overrated and can sometimes make you look like a newly born deer; and that if you buy Tesco’s own brand Chardonnay, in the morning you can’t expect anything less than a headache, which makes you feel like your head is about to explode. But there are still many more lessons to come, and now I’m 21 I’m optimistic that my best years are yet to come.
Here’s to 2015!!


Aimee Costa:

97% of my personal highlights include a band by the name of 5 Seconds of Summer in one way or another. From the shows I suffered sleepless nights to attend, to the nights me and my friends drove to meet them; they’ve given me multiple memories that make me smile, embarrassed, craugh (cry laughing) and above all, emo.
Overall, for me, my number one highlight involving 5SOS was iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in London. Me and my friends had worked our asses off applying for tickets, and literally won two days before the gig. We drove down to London, managed to meet them a couple of times in the same day (which was totes amazeballs because they remembered us and didn’t find our hiding in a bush pretending we weren’t there for them weird.) We then camped at the venue for the gig, managed to obtain the best possible barrier spots, and sweat and dance our asses off to their set. To hear some of their album songs be performed live for the first time was so overwhelming and epic!

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On a more personal note, my highlight of 2014 has to be that I can honestly look back and say it was the happiest year of my life. I finally made friends with people who appreciated me, and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I’ve made it part way through my second year of uni when this time last year I would cry on the bus and want to drop out at every second moment. For the first time I put my positive thoughts first and it’s such an amazing feeling to know that happiness exists, even in the smallest doses. I’ve laughed, snorted and smiled more than I ever had before.

My media, if you will, highlight is selfies. I am team selfie AF! I think its such a great thing that you can be in a group chat and your friends will send selfies of their make up of the day or them with something that’s made them happy, such as a new book or something. It weirdly makes me feel really happy to see other people’s happiness, which can be showcased to the highest degree, literally with the help of selfie sticks!

Eleanor Woulfe:

The songs that made my year.

As cliché as it sounds 2014 was a pretty awesome year for me; I was truly settled at university, my friends and I went on some crazy adventures, I went on two amazing holidays with my family and in the summer I earned some serious dollar which was much needed!
I have put together a playlist of songs which helped shape this year and without fail bring a smile to my face whenever I hear them…

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

This song may have only been released a month or so ago but already it is a song that I love listening to. Part of the reason is the funky bassline which brings back memories of the summer when I went to a jazz, funk and soul festival with two of best mates. The sun was shining and Pimms was in constant flow which made for a magical day – a day which was a highlight of 2014.

Say something- Karen Harding

This song was released in September and I have not stopped listening to it ever since. I can’t help but have a little boogie whenever I hear it.

My love- Route 94 ft Jess Glynn

This was the song of pre drinks in 2014 without fail whenever this song came on shuffle everyone would start dancing to it.

Like I can – Sam Smith

Sam Smith is the artist of the moment and whenever I listen to his music he voice just make me melt. His songs just remind me of the summer and relaxing in the sun!

Taylor Swift – Shake it off

2014 has been a good year for Swift! For the first time I have actually like listening to her music and Shake it off just reminds of my last freshers at DMU!

Philip George – Wish you were mine

Although it was released in 2014 it’ll be huge in 2015!

Arianda Grande – Break Free


Reminds me of my housemate and I getting the lyrics completely wrong and thinking she was singing like deli!

George Ezra – Listen to the Man


I love the chilled out vibe of George Ezra’s music. Plus his album Wanted on Voyage got me through essay writing. Plus Sir Ian McKellan the video c’mon what’s not to love!

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