It’s that time of year again…

Yes you know it?

Wait what, you don’t?

No… it’s not who killed Lucy Beale on Eastenders.

(Although in my opinion that storyline needs to end.)


It’s Celebrity Big Brother time!

[Small cry of applause]

Yes, you probably heard it here first. On Wednesday 7th at 9pm, several ‘celebrities’ will enter a house in the fight for the ultimate (I repeat) ‘celebrity’ status of being crowned the Celebrity Big Brother winner of 2015. First let’s talk about the theme this year; what’s been revealed in the leaked trailer is that the house is going to be based on fairy tales. This being an on going trend recently with the likes of Into the Woods and the teaser for the new Cinderella movie.


Here’s the teaser trailer to get you a little intrigued.


There have been many speculations of who is entering the house but I’m going to go through the possibilities. I’ll let you judge your favourites.


Katie Hopkins

Yep, that’s right. There has been high speculation that our favourite controversial TV personality is entering the house. She will be sure to stir a few people the wrong way with her debatable opinions. Her love to hate characteristics will surely come into play during the show. With her recent TV documentary ‘Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story’ making a splash on TLC she’s sure to be one to watch.



Michelle Visage

Our favourite Busty American LGBT activist and singer Michelle Visage has been tipped to be entering the house with her strong, opinionated personality. Guest judging on Ru Pauls Drag Race she has been known for speaking her mind whilst often getting into arguments with fellow guests. Will we see a new side of Michelle on the show?


Source: http://s67.photobucket.com/user/Midnight_Spirit/media/mich.png.html

Stephen Belafonte

Producers are said to be keen on signing Stephen up after reports of his on and off marriage with X Factor judge and Spice Girls star Mel B. Will the show make his credibility rocket or sink to the bottom of the sea? Only time will tell.


Patsy Kensit

The 46-year-old actress has been wanted for a while according to reports. However Patsy has claimed to be unwilling to participate in any reality tv show other than Strictly Come Dancing.  Will this be a lie to cover up her soon to be appearance?


The Wealdstone Raider

Who? You ask. Exactly. Well if you watch the following video, this guy has gone viral for being an angry football fan. With his music video reaching over 2 million hits he’s become an Internet sensation. This looks like another way for big brother to reach different audiences through the internet sensation.


Perez Hilton

Talking about Internet sensations, in other reports gossip blogger Perez Hilton has signed a £150,000 contract to enter the house. He’s one of the worlds notable online bloggers. Being known for his backlashes with several celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks. His blog is always there for the juiciest gossip and maybe we’ll find a bit more if he’s to enter the house.


Marcus Collins

One of the last minute adjustments to the show, has been said to be having words to enter the house. He was runner-up to Little Mix in the Singing competition ‘X Factor’. On the show he was quite reserved about his sexuality but now that we know his fiancés also a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, will we get a glimpse into his life?


Cami Li

What’s big brother without a steamy female model gracing its screens. The show doesn’t disappoint this year with American model and former girlfriend of Towie Star Kirk Norcross. Will we hear gossip of their reportedly raunchy relationship or will she come across as the stereotypical model we’re used to?


Jeremy Jackson

Former Baywatch star that played David Hasselhoffs’s characters son Hobie has signed a £100,000 deal to star on the show. The actor is known for his troubled personal life due to being arrested in 2000 for manufacturing methamphetamines. Naughty-Naughty now Jezza.

Daily Mail



Another link to Mel B, Kavana is notably one of the pop sensations closest friends. Being a pop star himself back in the 90’s will he spill the goss on his long time friend and the hubby’s relationship?


Chloe Goodman

Why have one ditsy model when you can have 2? Chloe was known for her over dramatic appearances on reality show ‘Ex on the Beach’, she has also played body double to Cheryl Fernandez-dijidjinvenoi (why try anymore?) in her L’Oreal TV adverts. I quote she’s “Single and Ready to Mingle.” Watch out boys… literally.



Danielle Brown

We may as well call it the Mel B show, Danielle is Mel’s estranged sister and is also reportedly being lined up for the show to jump in on the drama. She hasn’t spoken to her sister for four years since publically criticising her choice in husband. But admits that she would like to reconcile with her sibling.

melanie brown

Linda Evans

Here comes your golden oldie. Linda Evans is a Dynasty icon. The Celebrity Big Brother team have really blown their budget this year after reportedly paying the star £500,000 just to appear on the show, not to mention her first class flight and five-star hotels before the actual entrance.



Perhaps best known for his presenting on breakfast television not to mention being a bundle of fun when he nips round your house with a big ol’ check for money. That grin is surely to win us all over. Keith Chegwin also has win in his name. Fact.

decision marketing

Calum Best

Son of footy legend George Best, he’s one of the ones to watch for the girls, and boys *Cough* with his hunky exterior and bad boy tattoo’s. He’s been on the likes of reality TV shows such as Celebrity Love Island and Come Dine With Me. We hope he’ll spill the goss on some of his celebrity counterparts.

calum best


That’s all I have for now. But who knows, we may be in for a surprise. Leave in the comments who YOU think should be in the show. I personally think they should turn it into a Hunger Games type of experience but somehow I don’t think that will catch on…


Jared Barley, Out.



Header image: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2014-12-08/celebrity-big-brother-2015-new-twisted-fairy-tale-eye-unveiled