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The first series of ‘The 100’ ended with many unanswered questions for viewers. Being a huge fan, I screamed at the television when it ended the way it did. But fear not, on 6th January the series returns to the UK. (My reaction is summed up by the first picture below).  I have some advice for fellow people in the UK though, DO NOT follow any accounts associated with ‘The 100’ such as Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr (unless you want to know beforehand what happens) because in other countries this series is currently airing or already been, and I wanted to find out for myself what happens by watching the show. Yeah and I found out something heart-breaking. (See second picture below, again sums up my reaction). I won’t spoil it for you.

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Firstly, I think viewers are desperate to find out the fate Bellamy and Finn after watching them struggle against the grounders. I hope they are both alive for different reasons and I’m sure many other viewers agree. Secondly, the fate of the ‘adults’ who have now come to Earth, and if Clarke and Abby are going to be reunited. Thirdly, where on Earth (see what I did there? No…?) have Clarke and the 84 others that survived been taken to and is it a good place or not? Fourthly, the fate of Raven after she was left in a pretty critical condition.  Also what about Murphy? (I hate him with all my guts but I still want to know what happens). Are there still grounders alive? What about Octavia? And last but not least, we have been left with a bleak impression that Jaha will not make it alive – but I’m not sure that will entirely be the case.

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I know as a big fan of the show myself I am really interested to know if the adults and prisoners will be reconciled and if so who will take charge and will they get along. I also think that wherever Clarke and the others are, it doesn’t mean they are safe. I think this is going to be an amazing series – I know I’m definitely excited! (If you hadn’t already guessed).


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