Although we are still all bundled up in our coat and scarves, soon (eventually…) it will become Spring and we will hopefully be getting some slightly better weather!

So, my plan is to make regular posts of outfits costing £50 or less (we are students, so we have to be careful how we spend our money!) for the changing weather since we probably all have winter clothes taking up the majority of our wardrobes right now!

It’s safe to say that a lot of us have a love/hate relationship with leggings. Personally, I love them; they are really comfy and really versatile. Especially as I am taller than average, many dresses or tunics can come a bit shorter on me so I am definitely more comfortable wearing thicker leggings or tights depending on the dress. Some have opinions on them looking too casual/not stylish but I think it depends on how you wear them.


  1. Cardigan – H&M – £7.99
  2. Shirt Dress – – £10
  3. Fleece Leggings – New Look – £9.99
  4. Ballet Flats – H&M – £7.99
  5. Small Shoulder Bag – H&M – £7.99

The total of this outfit comes to only £43.96! I think this outfit is great for transitioning from winter to spring season, as leggings are warmer than tights but lighter than jeans. Shirtdresses are so easy to just put on and go, especially when they are a bright pattern or print! is a great place to look for cheaper stylish clothes compared to the prices of River Island or Topshop and has regular sales on too! H&M are also great for staple items, like basic colour tops and leggings.

by Sabrina Dhillon