So, this is one of the most highly anticipated book releases of the last half decade and for good reason!

Helen Fielding strikes gold yet again with the third installment of Bridget Jones. Bridget is of course how you would expect; clumsy, ditzy and yet still wildly loveable.

However, this time there is a *MAJOR PLOT TWIST* and I don’t mean your run-of-the-mill surprise, but I mean a HUMONGOUS plot twist. I will not ruin this for you because it’s just too major to reveal. However it is not what you would expect AT ALL!


Like all of the previous books and films of Bridget Jones, you go on an adventure with her and share all of her awkward moments; of which there are A LOT – let’s just say bodily gases are involved somewhere, and yet you empathise with her through her pain. Just one of the ways Helen Fielding is an excellent writer.

Without giving too much away, there are some sad moments in the book and it is slightly heartbreaking, however there is of course a happy ending, which whilst predictable, is heartwarming and makes you smile like a Cheshire cat.

The best bit about the book? Not only is it terrifically written, but it makes you feel all happy and warm inside and most importantly makes you realise the most important things in life are family and friends.

Daily Mail

Natasha Lane 


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